James Hardie Fiber Cement Products: A Guide for Homeowners (Part 2: Time to Replace)

June 25, 2020


One of the most important ways you can safeguard your house is by regularly checking the condition of your siding. This is particularly true after rough weather or with the changing seasons. Take a walk around your house, looking for anything out of the ordinary, such as signs of pests or any visible stains, warping, dents, holes, or other changes. It’s also important to monitor your utility bills for any undue increases, as these may indicate problems with your insulation or siding.

Some damage can be fixed with minor repairs, but repairing siding on your own can often be a patchwork job that won’t last.

When Should You Replace Your Siding?


Here are some quick checks to help you determine whether it’s time to fully replace your siding:

Can you see damaged areas from a distance? If you can see problems from far away, you probably already have deeper damage.


Is your siding cracked, warped, or loose? While some of this type of damage can be repaired, this will depend on the size of the problem. Larger affected areas are harder to repair and less likely to stand up over time. Additionally, if you have a large damaged area or multiple areas showing cracking or warping, there is often going to be a larger underlying issue. In this case, replacement will be the best option.

Have you seen or smelled mold or mildew beneath the siding panels or inside your home? This usually indicates water damage, which can result in damage to your home’s structure if left unresolved.

Can you see dry rot? This causes siding to weaken and decay, spreading quickly and potentially making your siding irreparable.

Has your utility bill changed? Damaged or aging siding is less effective when it comes to insulating your home.


Has the color faded? Is the paint chipping or peeling? Siding should keep its color and paint quality for a minimum of 8 to 10 years.



Need Help with Your Home's Exterior?


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