Beautiful Ways to Add Bright Colors to Your Home for Spring

March 12, 2020


Spring is on its way! And while we wait for spring to fully bloom, it’s not too early to bring spring inside and outside your home. You can make your home feel brighter now with some tips we have outlined below.


Spring cleaning might be the norm but spring redecorating isn’t a major project. It can still make a huge difference in your home. We have given tips on how to decorate your porch for spring on our last post. Now we go inside the house and take spring in!

Invite spring season in with these easy steps! Each tip will make each room in your house feel bright and airy.


5 Ways to Brighten Your Home This Spring


1. Let the light in.

If you want your home to feel brighter, start with lighting. It makes a world of difference. The more natural light you can bring inside, the better. But don’t worry, there is still a way for to bring light in if natural light falls short.




Take note that the higher a light is hung, the more it’s able to simulate natural light. Recessed lighting is a huge help in adding brightness.



Change your drapes to let more light in.


2. Bring the outside into your home.

We are talking about your favorite flowers. Flowers are an inexpensive but very pretty decoration in your home. Place them on tables, windows, or any area that will remind you that spring is here.



Use plants! Living things instantly breathe life into space, literally and figuratively. Plants add vibrancy and energy to spaces. Plus, the color is so easy on the eyes.


3. Let nature inspire you.

Be inspired by nature when it comes to decorating!



Here are some ideas:

  • Create an accent wall with nature prints such as a bold leaf print wallpaper or use subtlety and have small patterns.

  • Accessorize the room with leaf print pillows, wall prints and leafy green plants.

4. White on white everywhere.

Another way to maximize the natural light inside your house is using a white on white cholor scheme. It is a reflective color so it makes areas brighter. 

5. Paint your front door.

Use something bold and quirky. Why don’t you give it a try?




Get Started on Your Home Design

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