Stunning Examples of Houses with Exterior Wood Siding

August 25, 2019


Wood remains a popular option for a house’s siding exterior. There are many factors to consider when choosing siding, but wood is a classic and enduring, traditional yet contemporary choice.

When choosing wood for your siding, there are many options to consider, including type, profile, finish, and maintenance:



  • Generally less expensive than other types.

  • More difficult to find long lengths of pine siding that are knot free.

  • Often stained or painted in the final application

  • Not rot-resistant



  • Spruce and pine wood siding can often be used interchangeably.

  • Like pine, spruce is also trickier to find in long lengths that are knot free.

  • Can be painted or stained, but must be regularly sealed to guard against rot



  • Available in a range of profiles

  • A more affordable option

  • Can be painted or stained

  • A soft wood, so upkeep is important



  • With beautiful grain and rot-resistance, cedar is a more expensive wood siding option

  • Fewer splitting and swelling issues than softer woods

  • A common favorite for homeowners who prefer a stained finish

  • Must be regularly maintained to preserve its natural resistance to insects.


  • Like cedar, redwood wood siding is less prone to shrinking and warping

  • Easily painted or stained

  • Not readily available outside of the West Coast




Need Expert Advice?

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We will thoroughly and accurately assess your specific needs, provide you with expert recommendations, and deliver a quality product that you will be proud of.

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