7 Ideas for Getting Your Backyard Ready for Memorial Day Celebrations

May 15, 2019


The Memorial Day long weekend unofficially kicks off the summer season. And what better way to start the warmer season by spending it outdoors? Celebrate the long weekend at home at the comfort of your own backyard by throwing a party for friends and family. Not only are we sharing ideas to make it happen, we are sharing tips on how to make your backyard Memorial Day-ready!


Preparing Your Backyard for Memorial Day Weekend Parties:

1. Don’t forget to clean your grill.

BBQ parties are a staple celebration for Memorial Day weekends and your grill undoubtedly will take centerstage. Set aside some time to clean and prepare your grill. Aside from that, if you don’t have a grill basket yet, get one especially if you plan to grill some vegetables, fruit, and kebabs. 



While you are cleaning your girl, take a quick walk around the yard and clean up anything - toys or junk - that you’ve been meaning to get rid of.


2. Protect yourself from the sun. Throw some shade.


Use nets, canopies, or big umbrellas for shade if your yard doesn’t have a big tree or if you need more shaded areas in your yard. Consider using light netting or simple white bed sheets for a DIY share project - no need to buy a pergola!




3. Be ready with your lights at night.

If your party is like any other Memorial Day party, it will extend into the night so you can view some beautiful fireworks or enjoy the warmer weather. Even if you have fixed outdoor lighting, consider installing string lights around your patio or deck for just the right touch of ambiance and visibility when the sun starts to set. Setting up a few torches is also a good idea—not necessarily for visibility, but to help drive away mosquitoes with smoke and citrus oil blends. Be sure to watch young children around the torches.



4. Have plenty of seats to go around.
Have plenty of chairs, benches and patio seats around. Scatter picnic blankets for more coverage. Read more for more front porch inspiration which you can definitely apply in your backyard!



5. Protect yourself and your guests from mosquitoes and bugs.
If you aren’t keen in using chemical spray bug repellant because you have children around, try citronella candles or torches with citronella oil. Tuck them into container plants if you have one.

6. Be fire pit ready.
Ending your party around a cozy fire pit is great but be sure to be ready. Prepare your fire pit by clearing out debris, stacking in some firewood and making sure you have more wood on hand. If you don’t have a fire pit, there are lots of patio-friendly fire pit tables and similar designs that you can choose from.

7. Be ready with some activities.
Play yard games. Set up friendly competition with classic activities such as ring toss. Aside from building a fire pit and making smores at night, you can also try setting up an outdoor movie screen to gather the family.


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