Outdoor lighting to enhance the beauty of your home

May 2, 2019


The exterior of the house is just as important as the interior. Not only because it protects the house but also adds to the value and aesthetics of your home. 


We have given you tips to create an inviting home entrance and as mentioned, outdoor lighting is a major factor in enhancing the beauty of your home. Both practical and appealing, outdoor lights make your home safer. If designed and placed properly, it can highlight your home’s architectural features. It doesn’t even need to be appreciated when it’s only night time, as thoughtfully chosen lighting fixtures can contribute to the overall look of your house exteriors.


Things to Consider when Choosing Outdoor Lighting for Your Home

Before adding lights to your home exterior, analyze your house architecture and landscape. Consider the safety needs to create an effective outdoor lighting especially at night. 


A well-planned home exterior will have different lighting fixtures for a variety of reasons.


Basically, one should have enough light along pathways and stairs for safety reasons.


Outdoor Lighting Ideas

1. A well-lit front door is a must. Flank your front door or garage with wall sconce lighting, overhead or recessed lighting, or hang a decorative lantern off to one side. Double door entries look better with lighting fixtures on each side. 

2. If you have a porch, this area might need additional lighting. Recessed lighting fixtures might be a good idea.

3. House numbers should be lit too so they can be seen from the streets. Post lights can do the trick.


4. Path lights accentuate the home entrance. You can also line the driveway with post or ground lights that can be embedded into brick or stone.

5.Use LED lights or consider solar landscape lighting.  It is a green way to increase home value. Solar lighting is portable and requires no infrastructure because each light has its own photovoltaic cell.  

6. Combine beauty and function. For example, add lights to trees as highlights but install ground lights in pathways.

7. Have a variety of fixtures. Choose from a wide range of fixtures such as area lights, step lights, bollards or post lights.

8. Stick to warm light. Most designers avoid anything but warm white light, preferring to showcase the house and its landscape rather than create a light show.

9. Take advantage of indirect lighting. Light up the surrounding trees and the “spill” will illuminate walkways.

10. Use different levels of light to highlight one thing. Use a variety of lighting brightness to highlight your front door, for example.



Need Expert Advice?

If you’re confused about how best to protect your home's exterior, we’re here to help! Whether you’re undecided on material, or need help budgeting, our expert installers are happy to discuss your project and answer any questions you may have. 


We will thoroughly and accurately assess your specific needs, provide you with expert recommendations, and deliver a quality product that you will be proud of.

Call us at (650) 249-4464 or fill out our quick form to ask questions or arrange a quote today!

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