How to create a gorgeous container garden to accent your home’s entrance

April 4, 2019


Create a good first impression plus a bonus curb appeal by creating a welcoming front-door garden!

One of the best ideas to make a great impression on your front porch or home’s entrance is to have a container garden along your entryway. We have listed plants as one of the spring inspirations for your front porch and creating a container garden is one way to include plants in your entryway.

What is a container garden?



According to Wikipedia, container gardening or pot gardening is the practice of growing plants, including edible plants, exclusively in containers instead of planting them in the ground. A container in gardening is a small, enclosed and usually portable object used for displaying live flowers or plants.


Container gardens are perfect for gardening experts and rookie beginners! They are an easy and affordable way to give a visual boost and refresh to your front porch, patio, or home entryway. 


How to arrange your plants in a container:

To ensure your container garden is pleasing to the eyes, follow the concept of planting flower pots in this manner - Thriller, Spiller, Filler. This is a way to combining plants of different heights and sprawling habit in each pot.


  • Thrillers are tall, vertical plants that add height to your plant arrangement. 

  • Fillers are covering plants that spread. They are meant to fill the gaps between the Thrillers and Spillers.

  • Spillers are plants that spill over the edges of a container and cascade downwards.

Start with thrillers. They must be twice the height of your container. Plant them in the center of the pot.

Surround them with filler plants. Choose interesting fillers as they will connect thrillers and spillers in your arrangement.

Plant spillers near the edge of your container so they can grow naturally across the sides and go downwards.


Important: When planting pots in thriller spiller filler style, care to grow plants with similar growing requirements. Choose plants that need a similar amount of growing conditions, location, sun, water, shade and climate to thrive.

Tips on arranging your container garden:

1. Change the look of the garden throughout the year. Give your entry garden seasonal updates with bulbs in spring, annuals in summer, mums in fall and evergreens for winter. Containers can be moved around to alter the look of the garden.

2. Choose plants that will thrive in the site's soil, light and climate conditions.

3. Combine annuals with established foundation plants to give the landscape new life and a fresh look.


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