Five Great Reasons to Choose Cedar Siding for Your Home's Exterior

November 7, 2018


For homeowners that prefer to use wood as their exterior siding, cedar is the most popular and favorite choice. Cedar siding rates high on both aesthetic and functional value, factors you should consider when choosing house siding.


While it can get expensive and requires regular maintenance, many people still choose cedar siding for the reasons we list below.


Why You Should Choose Cedar Siding for Your Home


1. Cedar Siding is Naturally Beautiful


Cedar wood is one of the most beautiful choices among wood siding options. Its colors and scent can’t be imitated by fiber cement or vinyl siding. It is a style statement on its own, and a professional siding contractor will know how to showcase its beauty by creating color and texture patterns when installing.



2. Cedar Provides Color and Style Variety


Cedar siding comes in a variety of yellow, brown, red, and white hues. It will usually develop a satiny gray hue with age if not treated; however, some homeowners prefer this type of patina for its timeless elegance. The wood’s natural coloring can be preserved with restaining or a routine power washing.


Cedar siding is available in many different shapes and styles. Vertical planks look great on modern homes with simple lines, while natural cedar siding clapboard with knotholes is perfect for older or more rustic homes.



3. Cedar Siding is Energy Efficient


Cedar is a low-density, soft wood, making it lightweight and a good insulator. Cedar siding traps air and prevents it from leaving your home. Most siding materials allow air to escape from the house, but with cedar’s natural insulating properties, it can help lower your energy bill throughout the year. It also is a great noise-reducer.


4. Cedar is Environment-Friendly


Bamboo is the only tree species that grows faster than cedar. Cedar wood is a renewable resource, and its trees are grown specifically for the housing industry. It requires little energy to produce, unlike vinyl siding. It is biodegradable, but with proper care and maintenance will last for generations.


5. Cedar Wood is Durable


Cedar wood has natural tannins, which repel rodents, termites, and carpenter ants. This makes it extremely durable, making it last as long as aluminum or vinyl siding options.


Moisture is the only enemy of cedar wood, so make sure you look for sealed cedar when you choose this type of siding.


Compared to other types of wood siding, properly cured and sealed cedar siding is resistant to expanding and contracting.


Cedar Siding vs. Other Siding Options



Most manufactured siding options attempt to imitate the look and feel of cedar wood siding. While manmade options are less expensive, they fail to capture the natural beauty of real cedar wood. They are also non-biodegradable, making them more harmful for the environment in the long run.

Lumber companies often recommend cedar for homeowners who love to take on DIY remodeling projects. Its balanced and lightweight structure makes it an easy material to install, no matter your level of expertise.


We Install on All Homes


Cedar siding is great for all houses, no matter what size or architectural style. It adds a fresh touch, and you can use it whether or not you already have another siding option used on your home.

We at Peninsula Siding Company are here to make the gorgeous home of your dreams a reality. We will thoroughly and accurately assess your specific needs, provide you with expert recommendations, and deliver a quality product that you will be proud of. Call us at (650) 249-4464 or fill out our form to arrange a quote today!


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