Keys To Creating an Inviting Home Entrance

August 16, 2018


A home's entrance needs to have a lot of character. Every entrance has the ability to reflect your personal style and taste. When guests arrive you want to wow them with a beautiful stroll up to your house, not leave them lost, wandering to the front door. Here are some ideas for making the most out of your home’s entrance!



Lead People to the Front Door


Have you ever been to a house where you were left standing out front a little confused on how to reach the front door? Maybe there wasn’t one clean path to the door or there were a couple that looked like they ended up elsewhere. Do your best to avoid this problem when it comes to your own home. The best method is to connect your house’s driveway to a gate which leads to a path toward your front door. The same effect can be achieved with just a path, as long as it has a visible start at the street or sidewalk.



Use Lighting


Soft lighting is an easy to-do addition that really creates an upscale style. Lighting cues along grass or railings is an easy and fab way to guide guests to the front door. Have your porch lighting a bit brighter and leave the grass dimmer to create more ambience. The porch lights will pop, creating a clear signal on where the final destination is. This is especially important in the winter months when darkness strikes at an early hour in the evening.



Rest Up


Once inside, it is key to have a place for guests to put their jackets and shoes. A coat rack or place for shoes makes it obvious for guest what to do next and won’t leave them feeling awkward about asking “Shoes on or off?” We have all experienced this, and we doubt anyone liked it. Adding a little bench finishes the look and provides an easy spot for guests to rest!


So when you are thinking about having a summer barbecue, family get together or just a fun night with friends, keep these tips in mind. You can easily create an inviting, stylish home where everyone is sure to want to come back.


If you’re ready for a picture perfect house, Give us a call today! We’ll provide you with a free, no obligation quote. Or fill out the form here and one of our experts will reach out to you. 

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