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Your Yearly Exterior Maintenance Checklist

Posted by Kayla Lisac

Jun 9, 2015



Following a home maintenance schedule can help you avoid surprise home emergencies when you are least expecting them. Keeping your home exterior clean and up-to-date helps alleviate any potential home issues. We have put together a check-list to go through once a year to help ensure your home’s highest health.

  • Check your porch and deck for any sagging, loose rails or damaged steps and fence posts. Make sure that all of your posts and surfaces are firmly in place.

  • Check your siding for any stains, which could be a sign of a roof issue or a water leak.

  • Give your roof a complete inspection. Look for any missing or loose shingles, apparent water damage, any soft spots under trees, moss and debris, and any other standout issues. Maintaining a healthy roof will save the most time and money in the long run.

  • Check for signs of animals in the attic, roof, or vents. If there is any sign of animal life (nest, droppings, food, chew marks, etc.) try to find the source or call an animal specialist.

  • Check your chimney for any sagging/leaning, damaged foundational areas, or rust.

  • Test all fencing and supporting surfaces for loose parts or overall destruction.

  • Examine your home foundation and retaining walls for cracks, bulges, loose areas and anything else that simply looks wrong.

  • Check your gutters and drainage systems for any excessive debris to pinpoint areas that need extra cleaning and maintenance.

  • Take note of chipped paint, cracked stucco, or overall siding damage. If you have a home siding warranty, cashing it in on the little fixes will save a complete exterior overhaul in the future.

  • Check your walking surfaces (tile, concrete, sidewalks, paths, etc.) for any cracks or damaged areas. The wet and colder months will cause more damage in these areas, creating a hazard for your home exterior.

Keeping a consistent home maintenance checklist will help to avoid any large exterior surprises in the future. Be proactive about your exterior maintenance rather than waiting to be reactive to an exterior problem.

If you need assistance in your home exterior projects, let us know! Peninsula Siding Company strives to make all homes safe and properly supported.

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