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Generation Ex to Generation Nex

Posted by Petalyn Swartalbert

Nov 19, 2013


Ever wondered how wide the gaps between you and those other generations really are? 
The Pew Research Center actually has a test that is designed to calibrate just how Milliennial you are
And it may surprise you...(or not!)

generations illusive gap.



According to the Pew Research Center

...Boomers average 11 out of 100 on this test while Generation X tends to come in at around 33. While I had no idea what those numbers represented, they seemed a bit conservative though not at all outlandish. So, the only sensible next-step was for me to take the silly test myself. Turned out not to be that silly after all. As others like us take the test too, we may have to finally admit that we actually live as millennials live, even if we want to hold to the idea that we don't understand them. Perhaps it's time to surrender to the possibility that living as and understanding aren't as daunting an expanse from one another as we, by tradition, were groomed to believe.

By way of example, my chronological age puts me right at the end of the boomer-born era, yet my Milliennial score tallied up to an eyebrow-raising 93 out of a 100. I think that means I might be even more Milliennial than most millennials. The funniest thing about it is that I can already hear my husband's eyes roll and scrape the back of his head while saying something like, "Well that explains a lot!". 
To be fair, he's probably right. Growing up, my own mom was considered cool by my friends as well. (That's the spin I'm applying here, anyway.)

But, why does it matter how 'millennially minded you are ...or aren't? It matters! 
For the sake of argument, let's say you aren't blessed with generational immaturity like I apparently am, you and I can still spin out a zillion reasons why it's time for everyone to get over our so-called differences between the generations.

Think of it:

Booming Millennial Magic1. We're all related to Millennials by one path or another, directly or indirectly.

2. We work with them.

3. We buy our intimate apparel from them (AKA foundations if you're from the Greatest or Silent gens) 

4. They live next door and play their music. Bet your own parents wished ear-buds existed back in the day, huh?!

5. They drive (Yeikes!!!)

5. They drink (double yeiks!!!)

6. They vote (there's no getting round this one, I'm afraid).


All Kidding Aside

Gen Y and Millenniall's Future history.That said, here's what I sense when in a silent moment of pondering the Future and its historic keywords assigned to Millennials-
Besides climate change (and because of it), Millennials are already becoming one of the most powerful forces behind policy and key life-style changes since the sixties and the forties before that. And I predict that while you and I may not get to witness the very best of that, history will name millennials and their kids as the Game-Change generations. 
As long as we move toward better sustainability, and stewardship of all that depends on us to live responsibly, I'm ok with that.


James Baldwin Says it perfectly

Each generation need to Hold eachother“For nothing is fixed, forever and forever and forever, it is not fixed; the earth is always shifting, the light is always changing, the sea does not cease to grind down rock. Generations do not cease to be born, and we are responsible to them because we are the only witnesses they have. The sea rises, the light fails, lovers cling to each other, and children cling to us. The moment we cease to hold each other, the sea engulfs us and the light goes out.”

― James Baldwin

This Ironical Truth...

While we try to protect younger generations from growing up too fast, prodigal wisdom originates within the youngest of us. And whilst this unadulterated insight never really goes away as we age, it often detours only to find its way back -like an echo - as we become the Ex Generation ushering in this simplest and truest wisdom born to the Next. 


Pew's Snapshot Generation Comparison 

describe the image

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