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You Deserve a Private Yard Oasis- Make it Happen!

Posted by Kayla Lisac

Jun 16, 2015



Your yard should be a private and enjoyable place to spend your evenings and down time. Some homes are a bit too close for comfort and take away the enjoyment from a backyard hangout. There are easy ways to add more privacy to your yard space without being an annoyance to your neighbors. You can add privacy to your space while increasing the overall aesthetic quality of the yard.

An easy and direct solution to your space issue is to plant tall trees and shrubs. Italian cypress, arborvitae or a sheared privet hedge adds length and thickness to your barrier. Adding a new “retaining wall” of plants will bring an aesthetic nature to your yard while offering a great solution for your too-close-for-comfort neighbor.

If a wall is more your style, then use the chance to add some creative elements to the design. A new fence can bring new color and geometric elements to a yard design. Rather than a harsh wall, an attractive fence and barrier can make both neighboring parties happy. A favorite yard decoration of ours: a yard fence painted with chalkboard paint. This allows for the home owner’s children and grandchildren to use the wall as a piece of art.

Lattice or wood paneling siding offers many more options in your yard. The unique appearance can incorporate plants and greenery. A lattice wall has the potential to become a home for a growing plant or other greenery. While these walls may not completely block the line of sight into a neighbor’s yard, the illusion of privacy and separation is promoted.

If sound control is your main privacy concern, adding water features to the space can add more enjoyable white noise. Either a small pond with a moving water element or a statement fountain piece in the yard can drown out the sounds of a noisy neighbor. Keep in mind that some features may create too much noise, which defeats the purpose of alleviating the original problem with your neighbor. Adding a new element to increase privacy should be respectful of both parties.

Large shrubs are not for everyone; try layering different sizes and styles of plants. Creating an area larger in depth with more plants will help to add separation between your yard and your neighbor’s. Choosing to layer the plants (tallest in the back) will build a makeshift separation wall between the areas.

If adding these additions is not enough to update your space, let us know. Peninsula Siding Company wants all custom exterior spaces to be enjoyable. You deserve to have your backyard be a true oasis.

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