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Why you shouldn’t throw bricks at fiber cement siding

Posted by Audrey Lichten

Feb 23, 2016



It may be a no-brainer why you shouldn’t throw bricks at anything, not just fiber cement siding. But how else should you avoid damage to your fiber cement siding? Let’s discuss some of the factors besides flying bricks that may cause damage to your fiber cement siding.

Avoid water damage

Protecting your siding is an important part of maintaining your home. Water damage is one of the most common causes of damage to exterior siding. Yes, even here in California, we see water damage to fiber cement. The easiest way to avoid water damage is through gutters and downspouts. By diverting or removing rainfall away from your siding, you’re adding years its lifetime. Just having gutters isn’t enough, however. You need to make sure they are free of debris.

Shrubs and fiber cement siding

You might not have considered it, but plants and shrubs that are too close to your house’s siding can cause moisture damage to it. Make sure none of your plants come into contact with your siding. Also, double check your sprinkler systems to make sure none of your nozzles point directly at the side of your house.

Hardscaping clearances

Maintaining proper distances from the ground, pathways, and patios is important for healthy siding. Ensure your siding is at least one inch away from concrete, roof lines, patios, etc. It should also be at least six inches from the finished grade.

So it turns out that this little old thing called water does the most damage to fiber cement, not projectile bricks. In addition to the precautionary methods mentioned already, other ways to avoid water damage include: ensuring the product is dry upon delivery, not allowing the siding to sit out exposed to moisture and, most importantly, not installing the product when it’s wet. Hiring a professional siding contractor will help to ensure that the proper methods are practiced. If you’re looking for a siding contractor to install fiber cement siding for your home, contact Peninsula Siding Company for a quote!

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