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Why is Exterior Trim Important?

Posted by Audrey Lichten

Oct 20, 2015


Having the proper trim around the exterior of your house is like wearing the proper jewelry, it completes the home in a subtle but significant way. However, exterior trim isn’t only nice on the eyes; it provides important waterproofing and long term survival for your home.

Make Your Home Visually Appealing

Having the appropriate trim on your home can take it from a basic house to a beautiful home. The purpose of trim is to connect and pull all of the exterior features of the home together. This includes the roof line, doors, windows and garage. Although the size and shapes of these components differ, having continuous matching trim to encompass them will give your house a cohesive finishing touch. But make sure the style of your trim matches the overall style of your home because there are a variety of exterior trims and moldings available. Be sure to shop around and research online the styles that work best together.

Also consider your exterior trim paint colors. The trim color should be complementary to your house color. This means that you could choose to install a lighter or darker shade of your house color for your trim for a subtle and harmonious pairing. Or for a bolder statement, pick a color that contrasts with your exterior siding. But be careful not to clash or be too overwhelming. The trim should balance and complete your house. Discover more tips for choosing colors here.

Trim Has Practical Functions

Additionally, exterior trim boards help to waterproof your home’s exterior. They belong on corners, around doorways and windows, along roof edges and any other building components your home may have.

There are several types of exterior trim available including solid wood, laminated wood, thermoplastic composites, engineered wood, fiber cement, and cellular PVC. Some products will provide a longer lifespan for your trim than the traditional wood trim. They can withstand harsher and longer periods of weathering including ultraviolet sunrays, wind, rain, snow, insect infestation and rot.

Consider the condition of your home’s exterior trim and decide if an upgrade is in order for the aesthetic or health of your home. Having the proper trim can boost your curb appeal to new levels. If you’re interested in new trim or exterior siding contact Peninsula Siding Company for an estimate.

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