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Who Said Exterior Siding Isn't Sexy

Posted by Petalyn Swartalbert

Nov 28, 2011


abs resized 600Sexy Siding for Smart People!

"...Intelligence is enormously sexy." 
Frank Langella 
Of course, home siding per say isn't particularly exciting, but an exterior that save us money everyone else has to spend on their home over a decade (or more) is smoking hot! And being the brilliant mega-mind to think of it is super sexy.

Okay, the lateral obliques over on the left are pretty stunning too, but let's get real; intelligence lasts a lifetime. Bulging muscles takes more work, time and money the longer we live, and that's a fact.

Fiber cement siding is the world-class, super high functioning, manutaftured home siding material on the market today. The profile, color and texture options increase yearly.  And, typical converts from wood and stone to fiber cement tend to be practical, collage educated, trend setters who have done their research. It's easy to grasp the real beauty behind the product. It isn't just the visual appeal that locks us in.

True, a fiber-cement clad home is beautiful, and consistantly wears better than just about every house around it (besides those with stone exteriors). And true also is the fact that there are many aesthetically appealing materials to choose from. But the real clincher is fiber cement's extremely high performance over time. At the end of the day, the fact that it outperforms the alternatives in looks, and cost of upkeep over double diget years is its most irrisistable, super yummy attraction for clever people who want that wood look without the usual upkeep.

To ensure Warranty performance

...inherent in the best brands out there, two things become very important:

1. Fiber cement needs to be installed properly. Plainly this means the installation should be done by a company whose installers work with the product everyday. Fiber cement from reputable companies like James Hardie is considered a green product and is safe as well as fire proof. However, when being cut for installation the dust can be toxic so proper procedure and specialized equipment is what you want to look for when hiring an installer.

2. They also need to observe best practices for installation so as to get the longest life possible out of your beautiful exterior. Use of the right materials layered beneath the cement exterior is just part of the criteria for proper installation.

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