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Which house colors complement exterior stonework?

Posted by Audrey Lichten

Feb 9, 2016



So, you’re considering repainting your home or replacing its siding but keep running into one little problem - you have some fixed elements like exterior stonework that you have to plan around. How are you supposed to know which colors compliment exterior stonework? That’s what we’re here for! Whatever type of stonework you have, there’s a solution to your siding problems.


Working with Red Brick

Red brick is a very strong color on its own, so you want to pair it with neutral shades. Usually a warmer white or cream color compliments it very well. Browns work great too if you’re looking for darker colors. The combination of a dark brown and a light cream for siding and trim makes for a beautiful home exterior. Tan also works well for a siding compliment to brick. You can use accents of deep red to give it a little extra finishing touch.


Complementing Grey Stonework

Do you have a grey stone facade that you just don’t know how to navigate? Try neutral colors! Grey and off-white works wonderfully because it can come in so many hues and shades that no matter the feel you want, it will still match your stonework. If you want an open and inviting feel for your home’s exterior, choose a warm neutral color that will give your home a brighter feel. Darker or cooler greys create a more modern feel that often works well when paired with a lighter trim, as seen below.


What about mixed-stonework?

Stonework is often quite unique and can include buffs, tans, grays, and blacks. With this complicated combination, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right house body color to match all those shades of natural stone. A great way to do that is to continue incorporating natural colors. Tan and brown complement all varieties of natural stonework. Using a dark brown trim with a tan body like the house below really features the stone chimney while still calling attention to the rest of the house.


Whether you have brick, slate, stone, or concrete fixed elements on your home’s exterior, there are options for your home’s exterior color palette. If you’re looking to replace your exterior siding, contact Peninsula Siding Company for details on the colors and siding options we provide.

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