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What Would Dr House Say About Home Siding

Posted by Petalyn Swartalbert

Oct 29, 2011


Putting The Health of Exterior Siding into Perspective

Dr. your House

It is said that in our lifetime our eyes will blink 450 million times, we will breathe 650 million times, we will grow 1,000 layers of skin, our nails will grow 7 feet, we will lose 70 miles of hair from our heads... And our heart will beat 2,500,000,000 times!

Wouldn't it be great if our home did the same? We'd save a bunch of money on materials, wouldn't we? But alas, exterior siding woun't replace itself once, let alone 1000 times and that's too bad because while it may sound cosmetic, high quality siding is important to every aspect of your home. Like the human body, everything that makes a house function is connected to everything else. A house isn't merely a shelter along life's way. It's a marriage of systems, from the skeletal framing to the musculature of walls and flooring, to the plumping layer of plaster and the porcelain paint, all the way down to the electrical nervous system and the pulmonary plumbing.  The exterior is more exoskeleton than skin, but either way it is the first point of contact for every season, in every climate and for everything that falls from the sky or is launched from the ground. How well all these systems interact determines how comfortable and protected our family will continue to be as the years march by.

3 Questions: 

1. Is your home looking old and worn out?

2. Have the cracks and corners in its exterior become the place of origin for generations of spiders?

3. Do birds and squirrels hide provisions for a rainy day in unreachable and recessed places?

Hugh Laurie's acerbic character, Dr House is known for being cranky and dramatic. Rarely empathetic and often blaming his patients for their own conditions his saving gift is that his compulsion to solve the riddle of an illness. When it comes to solving many of our home's chronic problems, many of them can be traced to a breach in the 'skin' or exterior layer of the home. 

While Laurie's character didn't love his patients in the way that you would if you were a doctor, you do love your home. So when Dr House tells us bluntly that not addressing a problem when it first arises guarantees the outcome. In fact, he would go on to rub salt into the wound by suggesting we are are authorizing future problems and expense. This kind of doctor has no bedside manner, and won't pat us on the back while handing us a lollipop! Nevertheless, the truth will have been handed to us ...without wrapping so as to avoid confusion.(That Dr. House, he's is SUCH a pill, isn't he?)

Everything With A Skin Needs Love

Save the Soldier's Best Friend and Therapy, BSL Breed Specific Legislation being enforced on American Military Bases Nationwide, Discrimination by US Government, Save the Dog

Like the skin on our bodies, the exterior layers of our house must be kept in good condition. Regular check ups are one great way to monitor the health of your home's outer layers. When outbreaks of mildew, pests or moisture invasion are caught in time and treated, while cracks and wounds are cleaned and closed, then your family will continue to be protected for decades. It's that simple. A well groomed exterior envelop ushers all on a safe journey while it is called Home.

Our families, our goals, and even our family pooch are all part of that journey and while Dr House may roll his eyes at the philosophical note, he will likely agree with the pragmatic view that a homestead fairs better when considered a is essentially a member of the family, even if it doesn't have big brown eyes.

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Steven and Petalyn Albert

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