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Do First Impressions Matter?

Posted by Eva Daly

Mar 7, 2014


"A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed."
~Henrik Ibsen

OMG You live here

A mind is shaped by its environment

We have all heard the old adage, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression”. When thinking about your home, your abode, your castle, your respite….what impression do you get?  What impression do others get?  What feeling do you get when you first see your home everyday?

When we first pull up in front of our home, or anyone else’s for that matter, it’s the exterior of the home we see first – in all cases – no exceptions. 

The sequence of that encounter – that first visual - matters in how we judge subsequent information. That impression stays anchored with us and affects how we feel. The impact of first impressions is related to a “halo effect”, that phenomenon whereby the perception of positive qualities in one thing or part gives rise to the perception of similar qualities in related things or in the whole. The halo effect is powerful - and since you have worked so hard for this house, home, abode, castle, bungalow – your respite from the world (or tax shelter, whatever the case maybe) - that first impression?  That impression becomes an “anchor” in your mind. You will want it to be a lasting impression.

Substance is to Style...

What impression is your home making on youFirst impressions definitively matter but substance has the final word. Example:  If you had never seen or heard of Einstein, the first time you saw him your impression would most likely be negative. Now his face is associated with genius, not madness because he is the person who has come to define what genius is. In that example, Einstein’s substance is the final and lasting word/impression.

The impressions that stay anchored in your mind have lasting effects as well.  We have a tendency to use these anchors, or reference points, if you will, to make decisions, evaluations, etc.   This sort of thing is going on in a myriad of different areas of our lives.  Take the emotions of impression for starters.  Psychologists have found it can be difficult to predict our future emotions and one reason for this is that we are mostly anchored in how we feel right now.

In other words, we know you have spent countless hours decorating the inside of your home making colorful, comfortable and a reflection of you – and the inside of your home might belong in a pictorial spread of “Architectural Digest” or “Dwell” -  but the exterior actually has more affect on many aspects of your home – whether its home ownership, warranty, insurance assessments, home maintenance, property value, relationships w/ neighbors, home owners associations – as well as your state of mind, your well being, your desire to be home, harmony in your home, childrens’ development, etc., etc. – as your exterior “sets the tone” as your first impression.

Collateral Impact 

What impression is your home making on you 1What impact do all these impressions have – mentally, emotionally, physically, socially, financially? A lot, frankly. So far, in this article, we’ve touched several of these points.  This impacts you, your family, friends and your children. Lets focus on that.  One of our primary responsibilities as parents is to provide emotional and physical comfort as well as a secure environment.  Providing comfort and security impacts all aspects of our children’s development. Do your children’s friends love coming over? Your neighbors? Your extended family?  The impression our home imparts is part of the environment you have created and has a repetitive impact on our and our childrens attitude, outlook, and overall development. 

Psychologists say that we make up our minds about a person within the first fifteen seconds of meeting them. And the same is true when viewing a house. It’s likely a family member, friend, neighbor or prospective buyer will have made up their mind before they’ve even walked through your front door. So making sure that first impression is the right one is all important.

Real estate agents, car sellers, parents or negotiators will be nodding their heads in agreement.  That’s because these anchored impressions are vital in all these lines of work and life.  Whether it’s preserving the integrity, harmony or value of your home - or maintaining and enhancing curb appeal for resell – the exterior of your home IS the most important first impression.

We're just saying...

Does the exterior of your home reflect you? Is it having the positive impact you desire? Let us know how we can help you increase the value and security of your home, enhance its longevity or curb appeal and have you and your family fall in love your home again?


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