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Warming Up For Fall with Brick Siding

Posted by Rachel Karl

Nov 4, 2014


When choosing a new look for your home, brick may not be the first look that pops into your head. Now that the fall and winter seasons are approaching, however, brick siding may deserve a second look. When you think of fall, you may think of things like the leaves crunching underfoot, a nip in the air, and the warm swirling colors all around. Wouldn’t you love those things behind a beautiful smokey brick backdrop? There are many different kinds of brick siding to choose from. Here are some ideas that can create the curb appeal you are looking for this season for your home that we found on the Better Homes and Gardens website:

  1. Paint It
    Painting brick siding is totally doable and can change the character of the exterior of your home remarkably. Look for latex and portland cement based paints, as they work best on brick. 

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  1. Energy efficient 
    Brick siding has certain thermal mass qualities that are great for the colder seasons. This means that while the weather transitions into fall, the heat of the day gets stored by the bricks and slowly releases at night into the interior of your home. When winter is at its peak, brick also keeps the heat inside. 

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  1. The Modern Look
    Usually brick is considered to look old, worn, or classic. It can, however, suit modern homes very well. Perhaps try more unusual hues and use the brick as an accent siding. It can perfectly compliment your modern home. Brick is surprisingly versatile. 

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  1. The Natural Look
    Without changing it up too much, you can also create a very natural look with the brick. Brick already varies in color, but adding natural coatings like limestone and sand can add even more variety. This is a good idea if you are attracted to The Secret Garden look.

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  1. Mix It Up
    Combining brick with other types of siding can create a unique look for your home that instantly boost your house’s curb appeal. You can experiment with a brick walkway and different textures for the rest or switch it around! Try it out and just have fun with it.

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For a more subtle look, try what we did with the house below. Adding brick or stone siding to the bottom half of your home can add more dimension.

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Brick siding has more benefits than its versatile appearance. It is also surprisingly durable. It will last as long as the building is standing with no more that the occasional spray of the hose.

If this trend appeals to you let us know! Peninsula Siding can help make these brick dream homes a reality.Give us a call or fill out an online form to get started!

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