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Want a Carefree Summer? Try a Drought Friendly Landscape Design

Jun 28, 2016



Having a drought friendly landscape design is not only great for reducing the amount of water your front and backyards need, they’re also great for reducing the amount of necessary maintenance. With summer here, we want to spend less time outdoors fighting weeds and more time enjoying the season. Follow this list of drought friendly landscape designs to have a yard that looks great, reduces water usage, and is easy to maintain.

Paving Stones

paving stones

Paving stones are great for creating intricate designs and walkways that add personality and beauty to your landscape design. You can also save time in the future by laying down a weed barrier before you install your paving stones. Then, you won’t have to break your back trying to get the weeds out from between two stones.

Because paving stones come in a variety of shapes and sizes, finding the perfect stones for your landscape shouldn’t be a problem.



Succulents and other drought-resistant plants require significantly less water than traditional plants to survive. These drought-resistant plants also reduce the amount of maintenance your yard needs because they don’t need to be pruned as often.

To create a unique landscape design, use a variety of these plants to fill large areas in a corner of your yard or around existing features.

Loose Rock Borders

loose rock borders

River rock, pea gravel, or other small rounded stones can be used as a border around your grass lawn and other features, such as water features and fire pits. By having a stone border, you reduce the total area of space that requires water. If you want to save yourself from pulling weeds later, consider putting down a weed barrier before placing the rocks.

Follow these ideas and soon you’ll have a yard that requires much less time to maintain so you can spend more time doing what you really enjoy. For more home tips and ideas, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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