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Turn Your Home Into A Haunted House

Posted by Rachel Karl

Oct 7, 2014


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It’s that time of year again. The leaves on the trees are changing to brilliant gold, orange and red. The air is crisp. Soon trick-or-treaters will be parading through the neighborhood in happy droves. Will your house be ready? This Halloween, turn your home into a haunted house with a perfectly spooky exterior.

To get that creepy, haunted house vibe, create an antiquated, distressed look. Easy elements to add include large cobwebs, old shutters, and lights that flicker. Use primarily candle light that can be seen from the windows.

To create the right atmosphere in your yard, the simplest and best thing to remember is, fog machines are your friend. All you need is to hang Spanish Moss from your trees, and drape them with cobwebs, for an instant, eerie, antiquated look of a time forgotten. Even if you do this, and nothing else, you will instantly turn your home into a haunted house!

If you wish to embellish further, choose a theme. Anything that resembles is fair game: pumpkins, skeletons, bats, owls, ghosts, witches, or some combination of all of the above.

Lay a partially unearthed skeleton in the lawn, or pile pumpkins and gourds around the yard. For a touch of mystery, pile mini pumpkins in front of faux toumbstones. Your guests will wonder why they are placed there, while al it acutally does is add a touch of color to draw the eye to the tombstone. Pile leaves around this and place a few rubber rats to sniff aroudn the pumpkins and tombstones. Place crows, or owls in the trees. If you've decided on a witch theme, place on of the fog machines inside a large cauldron beside a broomstick on the porch, choose a color of glow sticks and toss in a few... you will have colored fog rising from your "witches brew."

A Path To Light The Way

Have a clearly defined and well lit path to your front door, to guide your visitors through the fog. Use pathway lights, torches, jack-o-lanterns, or candles in mason jars. Always remember fire safety when using candles! Make sure that candles aren’t going to be kicked over accidently and are placed well out of the way of long, drapey costumes passing by.

A Spectacular Doorway Destination

Doorways are the destination for trick-or-treaters. Make yours spectacular! Tree limbs, twigs and brambles are great for creating an “overgrown” look. Add whatever embellishments to this that you like.

From all of us at Peninsula Siding Company, We wish you a Safe and Happy Halloween.

We hope you've enjoyed this blog and found some inspiration, to tune your home into the perfect haunted house. If you would like some help with the rest of your home's exterior to keep it from looking like a haunted house through the year, contact us today for an estimate!

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