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The Utilitarian Part of Siding

Posted by Rachel Karl

Mar 24, 2015


Home siding upgradesThere are many parts of your home which are added for beauty, but do not necessarily benefit the overall structure. Siding is one item which, when added to the home’s exterior structure, benefits the structure of your home.

Energy Efficiency

Siding adds additional energy efficiency to your home because it is an excellent insulator. Not only does the siding itself insulate, but a professional will insure that the siding is installed in such a way as to help the home breath and reduce problems like mold or water damage.

We all want a reason to keep those heating and air conditioning bills down. Increasing your home’s energy efficiency does more than save you money. It helps save the environment by reducing the amount of fuel needed to power your home. Every little bit counts!

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Choosing the right siding material can help you reduce your carbon footprint. Some siding material like natural stone have a higher carbon footprint. They are not renewable resources. However, locally quarried stone doesn’t have to go so far to get to your door, so if you want natural stone siding, this would be your best option.

Carbon footprint

Other materials like vinyl can often be recycled or be created from recycled materials. This, again, will reduce your carbon footprint. However, vinyl siding is susceptible to dents and heat damage, which means it will need regular maintenance, replacement, or repair.

Materials like fiber cement siding are our favorite because they come in at the intersection of durability and low carbon footprint. Fiber cement is made of cement, sand, and natural fibers as well as a small amount of chemical ingredients like paint. This creates a very hardy and durable product that lasts for a long period of time and is very weather resistant. Because the coloration is actually in the material itself, you do not need to paint it. Also, while there are not current recycling programs for fiber cement, it is created from inert materials that will break down in the landfill in a way which does not harm the environment.

Increase in Home Value

According to the National Association of Realtors, adding siding to a home does increase its value later on when the homeowner decides to sell.

Another source, Remodeling Magazine, states that a fiber-cement siding remodel will increase your home’s value by 87% of the project’s cost.

These numbers add up to one thing: not only does siding installation add value to your home on the short term in reduced energy and environmental costs, it increases the value of your home in the long term.

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