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Light and Love Make a Window Truly Sublime

Posted by Petalyn Swartalbert

Aug 20, 2013


Restored, converted church resized 600

What do you think about widows?
In my experience, most people don't think about them unless they've had to. And even fewer take the time to really sort them by performance rather than economy.

Personally, I never thought about windows either until that one time we installed a home with gorgeous mahogany, Italians. After that I couldn't un-think about windows ever again... if that makes sense. I was forever spoiled for beautifully functioning windows and doors. The only thing that would make the average beautiful item better, is if it didn't carry the same price-tag that the Italian varieties did back in 2005. 
Next to Hardie's Artisan siding, when it comes to windows and doors, high quality, low to no maintenance, and an investment that is within the range of possibility, is like having your cake and eating it too... and is it just me or don't you agree that the whole point of having cake is so you can eat it?! 


Milgard's Essence Series Solution

milgard essenceThe Essence series is supposedly one of Milgard's latest innovations in window technology, where exterior durability achieves an exacting new standard of performance. Because the exterior side is made of fiberglass, contraction and expansion -a prime cause of wear and eventual failure over years of use - is virtually removed from the equation. The potential downside is you have to choose from their selection of 15 pre-fix exterior colors. That said, assuming any of them are quite to your liking, this will work to your extreme advantage by not requiring added money for repaint within a few years. The interior sides come in fir or pine for staining, or primed for painting -which means they can be finished in any color you choose.

Now, I know what you're thinking because I thought it too. If you're the type to project ahead fiscally, Milgard's Essence series windows and doors coupled with James Hardie's Artisan (ColorPlus) fiber cement siding, will allow a home to perform like none other in the immediate neighborhood -and will remain remarkably stunning for decades without needing much more than an occasional hosing-off to get rid of dust. Hum!!!

Monteray Toupe and Black

See some quick iPhone pics of one of our mostArtisan siding, mitered corners

 recent Artisan installations. Click the Photo or HERE

(If you're experiencing a sudden urge to contact us to see if your home qualifies for Artisan Siding and it's 30 year warranty, we totally understand. click Here  and you'll soon feel much better.)


...25 or 30 Years from Now...

If you find yourself smiling when you think about being in your sixties and seventies and still coming to a home that's just as beautiful on the outside as the day you installed James Hardie and Essence Series windows, then I'll bet you're next question is "where can I learn more about the Milgard line-up?"

We fully recommend Bennett Glass Company in Redwood City

We still love them even though Tim Doherty is no longer there. Full disclosure: we've tried other places in the past, but we find Bennett is honorable and really takes care of people. Ask for Rich Black or Maury Bennett- the owner, and tell them we referred you.

They'll take excellent care of your questions, and offer alternatives if it turns out there's a better fit for you with a different brand. It's so important to have access to the options that address your needs, regardless of how cool Milgard's Essence series may be. 


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Steven and Petalyn Albert

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