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The Simon Lowes James Hardie Verdict

Posted by Petalyn Swartalbert

Nov 17, 2011


Asbestos Fiber

James Hardie and the Asbestos Story Part 1

There is an important story today about 42 year old Simon Lowes who just won a legal battle against James Hardie for $1.3 million in loss of future earning capacity, $250,000 in general damages and $140,000 in loss of past earnings. He was four years old when we was exposed to a dump site for asbestos, and now suffers from mesothelioma. 

That the leaders of Hardie at the time, allowed dumping near an orphanage breaks the very heart of human conscience. The irony here, of course, is that it is the ever-hopeful spirit of human enterprise that fails us all at times like these. In general we (humans) often place our sight above safety, even when it is the intention to make things safer as we go.

How It Relates to Peninsula Siding

PSC (Peninsula Siding Company) is a proclaimed advocate and installer of James Hardie products, and we care deeply about right action, right ethics and right thinking. We care about these things because we are YOU, part of a movement whose mission it is to build trust between consumers and businesses -remembering that we are all consumers; we are all on the same team and we all depend on one another for well-being and survival. It's that simple!

With this in mind we are doing our own research to learn more for our own information, and to inform you as we go. We want to use this blog to continue to share what we find with you and to try to bring an even perspective to the matter: We will include excerpts and arguments on different sides, our own evolving perspective, and include the good news, the bad news, the news we wish could be different and the things we're really glad are true.

Our Action Goal

Our goal in this blog series, James Hardie and the Asbestos Story, is to search for facts beyond sensation, and to include articles and data shared by medical research publishers, general media, James Hardie, and data pertaining to the history and usage of asbestos and you (should you wish to share something). We will include anything we believe may further our insight or provide information that we feel needs to be said on all sides of the issue. This may include sequences of related events, patterns of behavior on the part of Hardie, the courts and the public (you and me) then and now, and hold to viewing whatever we find from the general perspectives at the time the information surfaced.

So Please join our conversation by subscribing to this blog. We encourage you to add your insights, thoughtful comments and thoughts in the interest of adding value for all. Whenever possible, please include links to your sources so all may follow along.

Read our first excerpts listed here:

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