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The Perfect Foundation

Posted by Petalyn Swartalbert

Mar 13, 2014


"The finest clothing made is a person's skin, but, of course, 
society demands something more than this."  ~Mark Twain

A good foundation in siding is essentialIs your home wearing its corset and petticoats? You know, the proper personal foundation? 

Ok, so comparing the weatherizing layer of your home's exterior to petticoats and personal foundations is bit of a stretch, but it sounds better than comparing it to a diaper, doesn't it? 

Here's the thing , and I repeat... it really doesn't matter what's on the outside, whether its cedar, stone, brick, stucco, fiber cement, or aluminum siding. If you don't have a well installed weather barrier beneath, it won't matter how much you spent on the 'dress', where you bought it, or what material it's made of. No measure of caulk usage will save you from the intrusion of moisture.

You've heard us hammer this home before, so I won't drone on about it much more, particularly after Part 1 of this fun Weatherizing series in which we addressed the many inappropriate expectations for caulk. However, here is the exception.

Caulk is used in a proper siding installation. It's simply used in a very specific way and for very specific and important reasons. Also, there is a super-superior type of material that the truly serious fiber-cement (Hardie) installers discover of along the way.

In the tenacious interest of producing a better long-term result, one that measures up to the endurance of high-performance siding, best-in-class products are always on the search menu.  When it comes to our over used, multi-tasking friend, one must consider why it's needed, as well as where. It also helps to consider our collective pet peeves with the stuff...like cracking, peeling and yellowing. Then, of course, there's the application to deal with. Not every installer is an artist. Use too much and you end up smearing it beyond the points of essential contact.

Enter, OSI® QUAD® Advanced Formula Window, Door & Siding Sealant... Ta-duh!!! 
I was chatting with PSC's all-things-Hardie brainiac, Chris Lentzke, this morning and he tossed out this little gem. Take a look at this short YouTube Video about tooling, and why this celebrity-class member of the caulk family doesn't need to be touched. Personally, I hadn't heard of OSI Quad till today. But after doing my own research on the stuff, as a homeowner I would insist on it. 

Weatherproof your family

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