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Ten Mistakes to Avoid During a Remodel

Posted by Rachel Karl

Mar 10, 2015


Exterior and interior remodels can be stressful. It always seems like there is something to do, a decision to be made, or a question that needs answering. Both we and our sister company, S.E.A. Construction, work hard to make our client’s remodeling projects as easy as possible by anticipating questions and planning ahead. In the spirit of helping you avoid any remodeling pitfalls, here are ten things to keep in mind - and avoid - during your remodeling project:Siding contrast

#1. Going for what is cheap rather than what you want.Any kind of home improvement project should use long-lasting materials. You often get what you pay for when it comes to material, so judge items not by their price but by their durability, desirability, and overall cohesion with the style you are working toward in your home.

#2. Tackling a giant “DIY” project. Sometimes a homeowner really needs to call in the professionals to complete a project. That’s completely okay. As fun as it is to “do it yourself,” some projects need too much professional skill or are simply too time consuming for a homeowner to do on his or her own.

#3. Not communicating. No matter the size of the project or the stage it is at, it is always vitally important to communicate questions, concerns, or desires. Worried that a project won’t start on time? Communicate. Wondering if you really want your siding to be fuschia? Communicate. It’s always better to talk about your concerns and get your questions answered as soon as possible, instead of delaying and finding out that you hate something after it is already installed.

#4. Starting the project out before the remodelers get in. Gutting your kitchen or ripping the existing siding off of your house may be perfectly fine - or it could cause damage that would then need repair before the remodel can really begin.

Remodel overall Design

#5. Thinking with the overall look of the home. It’s easy to feel caught up in all the details of a remodel. A good way to avoid this is to take a step back and get a look at the whole vision. If that seems wrong, it’s time to let us know so we can go back to the drawing board.

#6. Trying to match trends. Trends are fun, they can be playful, and they may even turn out to be classic. However, it’s better to go trendy with smaller, easily changeable items instead of larger, long lasting items like your home’s siding. Instead of picking a “trendy” siding style or a “seasonal” color, go back to that overall look you want for your home and consider that.

#7. Verbally saying what you want. Change orders as well as new contracts should always be in writing. If you have a contractor that only accepts what you verbally state you want and doesn’t follow up with something in writing, beware.

#8. Not finding out the green options for a project. There are often tax discounts, savings in energy costs, and other financial incentives to go green. Don’t miss out!

#9. Planting right up against the house. We love greenery, but it’s hard to maintain the exterior of your home if you plant right up against it. Instead, give your home a little bit of breathing room. This will make maintenance easier and will make any exterior upgrades that much smoother.Contractor

#10. Not getting references or recommendations.Hiring a remodeling or construction company on the spur of the moment may be fantastic, or it may be a mistake. Stay on the safe side and get references and read the recommendations for the company. Also, interview the company and ask for an estimate before you hire them.

No matter what, you should feel comfortable and able to communicate with your construction professional. 

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