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Stop the Buzzing and Get Bees Out of Your Siding

Aug 22, 2016



Bees are extremely important for our environment and honey is delicious, but no one wants a colony of bees to move into their exterior siding. The incessant buzzing becomes annoying after some time and the bees can cause actual damage to your siding – especially if it’s wood. If you or someone in your family is allergic, the bees can be dangerous. Here are our best tips to get bees out of your siding – and the buzzing out of your ears:

Step One: Find the hives

You can’t get rid of something if you can’t locate it. Circle your house’s exterior to find every hive, keep in mind there may be more than one. Be on the lookout for multiple entrances and exits in your siding. Carpenter bees in particular can cause significant damage in wood siding. You’ll spot them by the perfectly round holes they burrow into your exterior siding.

Step Two: Prepare the insecticide

Be safe when mixing everything together. Follow all the directions that come with the insecticide. Remember it is a poison so pay extra attention to all of the manufacturer’s safety precautions. This involves wearing gloves at all times and not breathing in the powder. You also might want to consider using a safety mask.

Step Three: Wait until night

Busy bees are usually only busy during the day. Apply the poison at night, if you can do so safely, to avoid agitating the hives. While most bees aren’t especially aggressive, they still may not appreciate the disruption when awake. Yellow jackets, on the other hand, are aggressive so you definitely want to wait until they’re inactive.

Step Four: Wait some more

The insecticide won’t work instantly. Check back after a week, which gives the bees some time to spread around the poison, before you clean the hives out from your siding.

Safety is of the utmost concern when trying to remove bees from your siding. If there are yellow jackets or other aggressive types present, it may be safer to call a professional exterminator. If you are allergic to bee stings, don’t attempt this yourself, it’ll be much safer to call a professional for help.

Once the bees are gone, take note of any lasting damage to your siding. As we said earlier, wood siding can be particularly susceptible to damage. Contact Peninsula Siding Company to repair and replace any siding ruined by your unwanted bee neighbors. Ask us about how fiber cement siding is less likely to house beehives and can withstand potential damage from bees.

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