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Start Planning Now For the Fall Exterior House Color Trends

Posted by Devon Shryock

Jul 28, 2015


Fall will be here sooner than you think and now is the perfect time to plan for a new exterior house color. This year, you can match the new fall trends and still have a color you’ll love for a long time. The “on trend” options are all timeless choices that make your home look more inviting and will boost your curb appeal.

  • Soft natural colors such as beige, rust, chocolate browns and soft graphite offer a subtle change. The softer options keep your home from looking too sterile and allow you to differ from your neighbors, without standing out too much.

  • Warm traditional autumnal hues like red, orange and burgundy make for a welcoming and comforting exterior to come home too. There’s a reason why we see these same colors year in and year out.

  • A natural green house is a little less traditional yet still delicate enough not to be too bold. To pull this off, think of plant colors and go from there. Pine, olive and darker mints are both accessible but not too safe. It’s a perfect on trend compromise!

  • If you’re looking to make a bold statement with a timeless exterior color, why not go for the darker purples you’ll be seeing all over this fall? Wine, plum and eggplant are at once trendy and classic options.

  • However, if purple seems like too much of a statement, why not choose it’s less intimidating cousin: a deep blue-grey? These tones have all of the same benefits while not being as startling as a dark purple.

  • Accent details can be changed more frequently than your exterior house color. This is great if you’re not wanting to make a commitment. But you don’t have to worry about switching these details every season either. Stick with natural wood and brushed bronze to make sure your home is always in style.

If you’re looking for new siding for your home’s exterior, James Hardie has a wide variety of colors that are both timeless and on trend for this fall. Consider making an excitement statement with Heathered Moss or Countrylane Red. Or, you can go for a more subtle finish with Autumn Tan and Sandstone Beige. Are you ready to apply these timeless trends to your home? Give us a call and we'll help you get started.

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