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Overcoming Stereotypes!

Posted by Eva Daly

Apr 11, 2014


Peninsula Re-Siding Curb Appeal- breaking stereotypesPeninsula Siding Company wants to help in the movement to overcome stereotyping. While I believe in not taking things too seriously, there are outdated and long lingering stereotypes that are associated with everything, including the construction industry. 

Overcoming stereotypes in the Construction Industry...

How do we overcome the stereotypes that exist about the construction industry?  There is definitely an image issue that the construction industry is dealing with.  When picturing a construction worker, many people envision a guy with a tool belt hanging low, someone who's not very bright, who maybe didn't graduate from college or even get a GED, who took a job in construction because that was the best job that he could get; however the stereotype-versus-reality is often no longer true these days. 

We here at SEA and PSC are not letting this image stand unchallenged.  We are engaged school sponsorship donors, send our employees to specific training and ongoing certification programs that - in themselves - up-level the caliber of laborers and craftsmen in an effort to draw more people into the field.

The construction industry wants to re-establish its position in the job market as a profession that takes innovation, technology and creativity as seriously as software companies in Silicon Valley do. Across the country, contractors, engineers and other industry professionals are using new technology and sophisticated systems to deliver complex building projects on shorter time-lines and with fewer roadblocks than before. And just as important, they’re doing it safely. Despite the industry’s progress over the last decade, professionals say the industry must do a better job of telling its story and fighting long-held negative perception. Common misperceptions peg construction-related jobs as necessarily low-paying, men only and largely having skills which are not worthy of a proper living wage, good health-care, and certainly not 401Ks.  The reality is that much of the work requires advanced skills, is and should be rewarded with good pay and benefits. 

Peninsula Re-Siding Curb Appeal - history of constructive womenSkilled people in construction take great pride in knowing that their work is a craft.  Construction should be thought of as a career and not just a job. The work itself is about much more than framing walls and hammering nails. With several opportunities for advancement, a career in construction offers many ways a person may move up the career ladder and enjoy a well paying, fulfilling vocation with results that last more than a lifetime or three.

We here at SEA and PSC feel that the real competitive edge is focusing on extraordinary customer service, managing expectations and performance, and in the quality of after-care once the project is complete.

"Building something from the ground up with a team of people who use their hands and ingenuity to deconstruct and create, is viscerally, a very different kind of project than the point-and-click, software slinging generationslike mine, are used to."

                        ~Joe Baker (Client) 

Our client said it all.  We continue to appreciate your comments and feedback as we truly understand that its YOU that makes us successful. Additional feedback from our clients has always been on how thoughtful, engaging, and whole approach oriented we are - and what a pleasure it was to have our team(s) in their home.  One client commented that our teams consistently and articulately communicated, managed their project(s) professionally, over delivered and left the house better than when they found it.  Articulate? Professional? Over deliver against expectations? Now, if that doesn't blow some stereotypes.... Wow!

We really do love hearing from you. Leave us a comment at the bottom of this post. We'll be so thrilled that we'll even answer. 

Steven and Petalyn Albert

S.E.A. & Peninsula Siding

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