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Re-Siding Curb Appeal: What is Fiber Cement & Who is James Hardie?

Posted by Eva Daly

Aug 30, 2014


James Hardie photo 1903 resized 600...and why should I care?  Welcome to another edition of the SEA/Peninsula Siding Company blog.  The purpose of this blog is to provide a forum to help homeowners and address frequently asked questions.  This article will focus on fiber cement and provide background on James Hardie, and to how that company started.  With each topic, the goal is to help the homeowner help themselves and provide up-to-date information to help you make the most informed decision in regards to remodelling, renovating, upgrading, expanding or re-siding your home.  When we receive a phone call from a customer, who is looking to upgrade their home and or have their home re-sided, we inevitably get asked "What is fiber cement siding" or in other cases "Who is James Hardie"...

As the title refers those two questions, we thought we would address them.  James Hardie Industries Ltd. (SEA/Peninsula Siding Company is a certified “Preferred Remdodeller” for James Hardie Industries)  is the world-leader manufacturer in fiber cement siding.  When this company first started,  it was actually originated in Melbourne, Australia, when Mr. James Hardie and Mr. Scott Andrew Reid became partners in 1895, importing oils and animal hide tanning products as “James Hardie & Co”.In 1903, James Hardie travelled overseas and while on this trip, he arranged to sell a new type of roofing and lining slate product called “fibro-ciment” made by the “Fibro-Ciment Company” of Poissy, France; company folklore has it that a package of samples was gathering dust in the office of the company’s London agents who opportunistically sold it to James Hardie for £100. Initially, the product proved a loss making venture due to breakages but by the Great War, fiber-cement became the firm’s core business; advertisement of the material said “thoroughly fireproof, cool in summer, and comfortable in winter”. In 1911, James Hardie sold his half of the business to Reid and retired; Reid’s family operated until 1995.

In 1980’s, James Hardie Siding pioneered the development of fiber-cement technology, and began designing and manufacturing a wide range of fiber-cement building products that made use of the benefits that came from the product´s durability, versatility and strength and it was when James Hardie Industries came to the US.
james hardie color plus vs wood shotToday, James Hardie Inc. is purely a fiber-cement business, and offers a variety of fiber cement siding products and styles: 
HardiePlank® (a.k.a hardiplank, hardyplank, hardi board, hardie-board, hardee plank board, hardyplank board, hardi-plank,etc) Styles available on HardiePlank: 

  • Select Cedarmill
  • Smooth Cedarmill
  • Beaded Select Cedarmill
  • Beaded Cedarmill
  • Beaded Smooth
  • Colonial Roughsawn
  • Colonial Smooth
  • Rustic Cedar HardieShingles® (HardiShingle, Cement Shingles)
    Styles available:
    • Staggered-Edge Notched Panel
    • Straight-Edge Notched Panel
     HardiePanel® Vertical Siding 
(HardiPanel, Cement Siding Panel)
Styles available: 
  • Cedarmill
  • Smooth
  • Stucco
  • Sierra B
 HardieTrim® Boards (Hardi Trim)
Styles available: 
  • 5/4 Boards Smooth
  • 4/4 Boards Rustic
  • 4/4 Boards Smooth
  • 7/16" Cedarmill
  • 7/16" Smooth


 HardieSoffit® Panels - Styles available:  
  • Non-Vented Cedarmill
  • Non-Vented Smooth
  • Vented Cedarmill
  • Vented Smooth
 Artisan® Lap Siding 
Styles available: 
  • Smooth
  • Textured
  • james hardie sticker on 5 M homes
Besides the products cited above, James Hardie also has HardieWrap™ Weather Barrier, HardieWrap™ Flashing, HardieWrap™ Seam Tape, HardieZone® for commercial, HardieBacker®. The James Hardie Siding products have the option of ColorPlus® Technology, which offers the customers 20 color choices for New England region. 

Now that you know little more about James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding, call us and get a free, no-obligation consultation in your next siding project and get to know the advantages of Fiber Cement Siding, including the value that it can add to your home.  

Folks, can you believe that summer is already almost over?  Neither can we, which of course has us thinking ahead on your behalf.  Tune in next time when we share some “get ready for fall and winter” tips for your home.

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