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Re-Siding Curb Appeal: Preparing for an External Remodel

Posted by Eva Daly

Jul 19, 2014


describe the imagePart two of the topics on preparing for what to expectwe will to tackle how to prepare for your external remodel - so you know exactly what to consider. We're going to drill down in this installment of SEA/Peninsula Siding Company’s article series and look at what questions you should  ask yourself as part of the decision making process for an external makeover. 



As exciting as it is, simply getting started on an exterior makeover can be the hardest part. That’s why we’re sharing these four easy steps to help you define the right criteria necessary to be fully prepared to tackle this project:

1. Define your objectives and budget

2. Research and decide what materials will provide you the most ROI (return on inventment)

3. Research the materials that support your inspirations and ideas

4. Research the vendors that best fit your criteria

No matter the size of your project, your success will be determined by the information you gather first. So before you hammer your first nail or write your first check, make sure you’re clear on what outcomes you expect, how much it will cost and how you plan to get there.

Exterior 3 Before After2

In the beginning stages, don’t just think about the nuts and bolts of what will go into your project. You’ll need the right professionals and materials and a carefully planned budget. But first think about the bigger picture—what do you actually hope to accomplish? Do you want to give your home a facelift and add some of your own personal style? Or are you doing some necessary updating? Or just adding as much curb appeal as you can  for a future buyer?


Considering putting your home on the market?


Try to consider the elements that attract prospective buyers—and maybe the ones that could drive them away. Pay close attention to the details. Updating smaller pieces of your exterior like gutters, trim and soffits as part of at the whole can communicate a well-maintained home to prospective buyers. Minor updates such as new shutters in a color that compliments your new external siding or new, energy efficient windows can make a big difference from the curb.


Planning to stay put - at least for a few years?


If you’re not planning a move in the next several years - or anytime soon, think about the elements of your exterior that you most want to update. For example, replacing your exterior with fiber cement siding will not only add beauty and curb appeal, but you’ll be able to reap the benefits of low maintenance and the associated dollar savings for years to come. Consider window changes for more natural light and the considerable energy savings. Maybe you’d like to add a patio for cookouts, or a big bay window for the perfect reading nook. Whatever you choose to work on, your home will not only be more valuable, it will be more enjoyable for you!


A Color Change?


A color change can be just the facelift your home needs to make it more appealing to you, and to any future buyers.  And, if your exterior is worn maybe a total siding replacement is in order.  Your personal taste is a major factor, but there are other things to consider.  Love the idea of a bright, southwestern color scheme, but it would look odd amongst  the Tudor-styled homes on your block?  Or, perhaps you are drawn to the eco-inspired "natural" palettes that are popular today, but your aging Victorian home yearns for something a little more Old World.  For inspiration, look at magazines, on line sources such as Houzz and consider colors that compliment your surroundings as well as your home's architectural style.


SEA/PSC Special TIP:  Check with your neighborhood or homeowners associations guidelines, if applicable, as well before you get started!  We would hate for you to fall in love with a color scheme that doesn't fit the guidelines!


Now that you have decided to do external siding or re-side - are you ready for the next step?  The next step is to do the research/determination on fiber cement siding products and performance.  SEA/Peninsula Siding Company can help you with that!  


With that novella styled cliff hanger, tune in for the next article when we attempt to provide you with all the most up to date information from James Hardie fiber cement products.  We'll discuss product options and performance, benefits, etc.



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