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Re-Siding Curb Appeal: Exterior Siding and ColorPlus Technology

Posted by Eva Daly

Jul 4, 2014


describe the imageIn this installment of “Re-Siding Curb Appeal” from SEA/Peninsula Siding Company, we are doing another in a series on color. As last week, we did a follow up on a recent article regarding the affects of color with a discussion on design and color palettes.  This time we are going to follow up on that discussion of design and color palettes ,with an article on the latest in color technology, what it means for your home design, remodel or renovation, and what we offer in this arena.

As you can see from the above illustrated and captioned photo, SEA/Penninsula Siding Company utilize the myriad of products from James Hardie series of products.  As a James Hardie Preffered Remodeler, we use products that infuse color technology, as well as other home renovation technologies for protecting your most prized investment, your home. What is all this about color and technology, and why do I need it, you ask? 

Home exteriors take a beating—from humidity, dry heat, rain and snow, salty air, freezing temperatures, and other unfriendly elements. But because different areas of the country experience different weather patterns, the seasonal assaults your home goes through will change depending on where your home actually is. Location is a variable that can play into your building or home improvement decision-making. After all, the siding that performs well in the Louisiana heat may not do as good of a job in the snows of Illinois.

describe the imageTo address the varying demands of regional climates, James Hardie, a major manufacturer of exterior siding, has introduced a class of fiber cement siding, which is specially designed to withstand geographically-specific challenges. The HardieZone System (the market name for this siding technology) affords the homeowner a novel consumer advantage: the ability to choose an exterior that’s uniquely and ideally suited to the home’s local climate.




 After you have selected the exterior siding that is geographically-specific for you, then, its all about color. What's all this about ColorTechnology? Well, James Hardie's proprietary process involves applying consistent, multiple coats of paint that was created especially for the demands climate places on a home's exterior siding. The end result is a beautiful consistent color finish that lasts up to 2x's longer than field-applied paint1. A baked-on coating offers maximum durability and resistance to prolonged exposure to freezing climate and moisture contact. Specially formulated paints stand up to UV levels in a way few field-applied paints can, offering iup to 30% more fade resistance. ColorPlus Technology finish comes with a 15-year limited warranty that covers both paint and labor - and protects against peeling, cracking and chipping. They use over 41 quality checks throughout their proprietary manufacturing process to ensure the quality of the substrate, the texture and the finish. Lastly, most of the raw materials used to make James Hardie Siding are exgtradcted and processed near each manufacturing facility.  Keepin' it local folks!  

With all the things being taken into consideration, let us share with you a few of the common questions about choosing fiber cement colors and why, for the home from the James Hardie site. They are the following:

Why should I change the color of my home?

Changing the exterior color of your home is a great way to update its style. Look for inspiration in you neighborhood or the surrounding community, online in James Hardie Gallery of Homes, or view local James Hardie Model Homes to see all the great possibilities. If you're afraid of making a color mistake, use a variation of your original color. The James Hardie ColorPlus color palette provides a wide range of options to enhance the look of any home.

Are there computer programs that will help me visualize James Hardie ColorPlus colors on my home?

Yes. The James Hardie Design Center allows you to view different types of siding products, sizes, textures and colors on a variety of architectural home styles.

With all online visualizers, keep in mind the colors on the screen aren't always a true representation of the actual color. The computer is very good at helping you explore options, understand how colors work together and what happens when using contrasting colors. Once you think you have an idea, order a sample, view a model home or talk to your contractor before committing to the final color. Never make a final decision from a computer image.

describe the imageForm meets function - meets depth meets drama - meets low maintenance meets high curb appeal - and thats just the exterior siding, baby. ;) With the combination of curb appeal, durability and energy efficiency - we'd like to help you get on with this overdue renovation! Love your home again!

Stay tuned for our next series of articles when we start a discussion on the process of home improvement and what to expect.

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