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Re-side Your Home with James Hardie

Dec 11, 2017


Now that you have decided to reside your home, the fun part begins. There are several reasons to reside your home: the exterior looks dull and run down or the constant maintenance is becoming too much work. The best part about starting a re-siding project is that you have the chance to reinvent the look of your house by choosing a new color, texture or adding more details.

Step number one to embarking on a siding project is to make sure that you gather all the information you’ll need. Start by doing research online and asking yourself what you hope to get out of the project. Discuss ideas with friends and seek advice from professionals who have worked with the products you are considering using. James Hardie is our number one recommendation. They offer an array of siding and trim products without making it feel like you are making a drastic change.  Simply choosing a more durable material you are making a great investment in your home.

Curb appeal meets personal style. Architecture, landscape and color scheme all play a part in creating a beautiful home. Wood or vinyl siding split, crack and deteriorate. It also expands and contracts making it difficult for paint to adhere to its surface for a long time. James Hardie siding reduces maintenance . His siding was engineered to withstand harsh weather, even when exposed to the elements year after years. The ColorPlus technology found on Hardie siding reduces the need for frequent touch ups. The color is baked-on and UV-ray resistant.

Green living is something that the James Hardie company prides themselves on. They recognizes their obligation to sustainability and producing products that withstand the test of time. While the siding may cost more upfront, they have a longer life cycle than cheaper, less-durable products. Fewer maintenance jobs results in fewer materials ending up in landfills. Their environmental footprint is reduced by making products with locally sourced, sustainable raw materials, such as cement, sand and water. By having manufacturing facilities across the country reduces transport related pollution.

Know your residing lingo before you jump head over heels into a project. The world of exterior design has a lot of unfamiliar vocabulary so get to know the language! Your project will go smoother and your contractor will be very impressed.


If you’re a eco-friendly and long lasting siding, give us a call today! We’ll provide you with a free, no obligation quote. Or fill out the form here and one of our experts will reach out to you.

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