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Peninsula Re-Siding Curb Appeal: We're Unpining the Pin-ups

Posted by Eva Daly

Jun 4, 2014


Peninsula Re-Siding Curb Appeal

Hi folks, we gals at Peninsula Siding Company have a short announcement to make. Did you know that Peninsula Siding has an all female blogging team? Yup! that's us... and we've been having a blast. And as girls tend to do when we get together, we can get a little feisty. You may have even noticed the vintage pin-uppictures we selected (in good fun) to go with our news blogs. 

We love sharing all the latest and greatest about remodeling, siding, curb appeal insight, and other related topics, so, we mix it up a bit with everything from:

  • Ah-Ha! tips, 
  • Do-it-yourself check-lists, 
  • Cost vs. value insight
  • (Even the occasional recipe)
  • Industry news 
  • And some occasional social topics, just because some things need to be shared (don't you think?). 

However, we're going to switch gears a bit. The Pictures will still be fun, but maybe pairing vintage pin-ups with a construction business wasn't the most brilliant idea we've had (no matter how much maverik-girl-fun it was while it lasted). 

Thanks for all your loving concerns on this. It actually really warms our hearts that you care enough to offer your thoughtful feedback... and besides... we get it... we knew it was risky... so we totally hear you.  

We encourage you to keep reading our blogs and the great information we research and with exactly you in mind. We hope our news blog helps inspire women and men to have more conversations (together) about remodeling, maintenance, sustainability, and how to save money over the long haul. We think knowing more is good for everybody and informed homeowners are leaders for everyone around them!

...oh, and keep talking to us. Your opinions matter!

We really do love hearing from you. Leave us a comment at the bottom of this post. We'll be so thrilled that we'll even answer. 

Steven and Petalyn Albert

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