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Pave the Way with the Perfect Garden Path

Posted by Ashley Wirthlin

Feb 6, 2017


February is the month of grand romantic gestures. Is there anything more romantic than a rose petal covered path? That’s the wonderful thing about garden paths, they can set the tone and create the yard you’ve always dreamed of. It’s all about how you set it up, what materials you use and what surrounds it to make a perfect fit.

Blend with mulch
For a casual, natural approach, use a combination of woodchips, bark and other organic materials to form the base of your garden path. It blends seamlessly into the rest of the garden and enhances the overall aesthetic of the yard.

Formalize with gravel
If you want a path that stands out more and isn’t quite as earthy, washed gravel or crushed stones provide a more formal option. Gravel is also more durable so once the foundation is laid, you don’t have to worry about refilling or replacing nearly as often as mulch.

Line with herbs
If you have a particularly green thumb, why not spruce up your path with something practical and aesthetically pleasing? Planting herbs to line your garden path is beautiful, useful and smells great. Try a variety of herbs that grow at different heights to really catch the eye.

Colorful barriers
If you’re not up for some home-grown herbs, add some color to help guide the way. Fresh, vibrant flowers brighten the yard and highlight the beautiful path you’ve created. Just like with the herbs, variety is the key here. Choose a few different types of flowers that bloom in complimentary colors to really make your path pop.

Mismatched paving stones
Buying paving stones that are different sizes works for every garden and yard. The trick here is to have the stones cut to just the right sizes to fit your goals. After all, when everything looks the same, it gets boring.

What kind of garden or yard do you always dream of? Is it a romantic, blooming secret garden or a kid-friendly, well-groomed backyard perfect for barbecues? The right pathway can accentuate your garden and provide the final touch. If your exterior needs an update to be the home of your dreams, give Peninsula Siding Company a call today!

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