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Outside Need Re-siding? [...really tight budget though?]

Posted by Petalyn Swartalbert

Nov 28, 2012


Time for a changeA realist knows that their budget and their dream exterior may not agree at first. But this isn'tnecessarily bad news. Limits tend to make us more economical, clearer about what we need, and smarter about how to increase the value of our dollars.

Begin with the end in mind:

Question is, what's the end? Is it budget, beauty, or both? List your exterior product choices (those that offer the best economy, and also your favorite looking exterior products) in separate categories. Scale your top picks for each using a scale from 1 to 10 (one being the worst performing or ugliest, ten being the best for aesthetics or the most economical.)  Research and list your pros and cons for each option i.e.

  • will repainting be required, how often,
  • how fire resistant is the material,
  • will it require maintenance and if so how often,
  • is it susceptible to termites or mold, etc... and don't forget to note whether or not it will look spectacular when it's all complete. After all, you've got to look at it every day.

Once you've qualified and determined the choices that rise closest to the top in all the important categories, you're halfway home.

By the way, did we mention that we now offer financing for your residing project with Peninsula Siding Company? No? Well, we do.


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Steven and Petalyn Albert

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