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Oops Artisan in ColorPlus Not Quite Yet

Posted by Petalyn Swartalbert

Jun 6, 2012


mitered edgeTurns out that Hardie's beautiful Artisan siding, sought for its fiber-cement longevity and deep profile shadow-lines, is NOT available to the West Coast as a pre-colored product ... not yet anyway.

It has to do with those beautiful mitered corners you can have with Artisan. There are still a few kinks to iron out regarding 'in-field' color repairs. The normal dings that occur while mitering pre-colored materials creates an added challenge of sealing the edges in a way that won't look like a patch. It's that simple!

Hardie could, but won't put out the option of pre-colored planks if the finished products will look anything but flawless. So, for those of us who want the double advantage of Hardie's wonderful Artisan AND ColorPlus, will need to be patient a while longer. How long? James Hardie won't commit to a time frame yet.

Nevertheless, Artisan still performs as beautifully as it ever has and is paint ready for any color combination you choose.

Well, there's no word yet about that from James Hardie, but we have faith that it won't be until JH is 100% satisfied that the most discriminating homeowner will be happy with it.

So, just in case you ever wondered what, specifically, is the big deal with Mitered corners then -here's it is:

Mitered Ssh-mitered!

Here's a short video orientation about mitered corners, when they are used and some of the challenges involved -particularly in older homes. You'll view it once and likely never again, but then you'll forever understand what your contractor is saying when he's blabbing on about about 'mitered this' and 'mitering hat'!


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