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Make This Home Maintenance Checklist Your New Year Resolution

Posted by Audrey Lichten

Dec 22, 2015



It’s that time of year again, where everyone is scrambling to make that perfect New Year resolution. This year, plan not just for yourself, but for your home too! We have the perfect home maintenance checklist for you to keep your home in tip-top shape all year long!


  • Check all locks and deadbolts on your doors and windows. With those long and cold nights you want to protect your home from easy break-ins.  
  • Test smoke/carbon monoxide detectors. Press the “test” button on the detector. If it sounds, then it’s working. If not, replace the batteries and test again. If it still doesn’t work, check the battery terminal for corrosion. Try cleaning it and if it’s still not working, replace the detector. (This should be done quarterly)
  • Inspect your fire extinguisher(s). Make sure your fire extinguisher is easily accessible and the gauge shows adequate pressure.
  • Check caulking around showers and bathtubs. Repair dry or peeling caulking as needed.
  • Remove and clean your showerheads. This prolongs the life of the showerhead and helps water pressure too!


  • Clean out the gutters. There’s bound to be a few leaves stuck in there along with general grime/sediment from the winter rain.
  • Inspect your exterior siding. Is any paint chipping? Is any siding damaged from winter? Are there any holes in your brick? Take a close look all around your house and make any repairs as needed. Call a professional if you find a significant issue.
  • Get your air conditioning system ready for summer; consider having it serviced. We all know that air conditioning is a must-have in the Bay Area when summer hits. So ensure yours is working properly before the heat hits.
  • Repair/replace damaged window screens. The warm spring breezes are arriving and it’d be nice to open up those windows. So check your screens to guarantee no bugs will be visiting you indoors this spring.
  • Clear dead plants/shrubs from the house. New growth is arriving now and those dead plants need to go. You don’t want weeds working their way into cracks and holes on the exterior of your home, as they could cause damage and shorten longevity.
  • Check trees for interference with electric lines. Have your trees professionally trimmed if their new growth begins to play with any power or telephone lines.
  • Inspect roofing for damage, leaks, etc. If you find issues, be sure to contact a professional to get an estimate and get it fixed quickly.


  • Eliminate the insects. Summer time brings many good things, but the insects are not one of them. Clear spider webs from around your house and spray bug repellant around the base of your foundation and patio. Buy bug bombs if they start creeping inside.
  • Clean and repair deck/patio as needed. A good pressure washing works well to get some of that grime off. Consider re-staining your deck. Check for any loose boards or posts and repair those where it’s needed.
  • Clean the garage. Cleaning your garage helps you purge the things you don’t need and really utilize the space for something useful! Check out these tips and ideas for your garage!
  • Deep clean and inspect the basement. Basements are often overlooked especially when it comes to cleaning. Make sure to dust and clean the windows, and attend to any mold you may find.


  • Winterize your air conditioning system. Remove and store window air conditioning units. If you have central air, cover the outside unit with a tarp or plastic sheeting and secure with bungee cords.
  • Get your heating system ready for winter. Check your doors and windows for any leaks or cracks and get them fixed. Check your heating vents to ensure they’re open and not covered by furniture. Getting your furnace serviced annually is recommended. If you have a fireplace, make sure it’s cleared out and ready to go.
  • Get your chimney cleaned. If you have a chimney, get it cleaned once a year to avoid chimney fires or other issues during the winter.
  • Test the sump pump. If your house has a sump pump, don’t wait to test it until you actually need it!

We hope your home stays happy and healthy in the new year! If you need extra exterior siding maintenance, contact Peninsula Siding Company and we’ll help you out.

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