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It's Time to Add Color to your Home Exterior

Posted by Kayla Lisac

May 5, 2015


The sun is shining, so why not let it shine on a colorful home? Adding color to an exterior brings new life to your home. Choose to improve on your current home appearance to upgrade your curb appeal: choosing a few quick projects will improve the overall curb appeal of your home exterior.

Update Your Ground Surfaces

If you have concrete, gravel, tile, or a different ground material for your home exterior, take the chance to add color and life. There are many different options to update the appearance of ground surfaces, such as adding new tile, redoing old concrete, or completely renovating the exterior ground surfaces of your home. While your home is the focus, the floor which it stands on gives it the curb appeal foundation.

Choose a New Material

Adding a new material to your home exterior, such as copper, stone, or other metal surfaces will greatly increase the color quality. Rather than the traditional wood doors and window casings, choose a new material to increase the visual appearance. A simple piece, such as a door, will add more color while also creating a new juxtaposition between the house siding and colors.

Have a Statement Entrance

The entrance into your home is a reflection of the exterior and a sneak peek at what’s to come in the interior. Choosing a bright color for a front door is a long lasting trend that is here to stay. Rather than just choosing a new color, create a completely new entrance. Enhancing the appeal of your entrance creates the opportunity to add new colors in many new ways: material paint, lighting fixtures, and accent pieces.

Update your Windows

Windows are the perfect place to add exterior color. Choose to add new shutters in an accent color, or include interior curtains to shine through with a new visual. Windows are also a great accent piece on their own. Replace old windows with a different texture or color of glass to bring new character and light to your home exterior remodel.


Update your home color in the most dramatic way: with a new exterior coat of paint. Choose new surface paint or replace old siding with a fresh surface and color. The exterior color of your home is the first thing visitors will see, so make sure that it shines.

Adding color to your home exterior brings new life to your updated curb appeal. Peninsula Siding Company loves making homes look new and inviting. If you are ready to add siding and color to your home, contact us now!

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