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Sold! (...for hundreds of thousands Over Asking)

Posted by Petalyn Swartalbert

Sep 26, 2013


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Another Successful S.E.A. & P.S.C. Remodel in San Mateo

Yup! And lets just say that the asking price was over 7 figures already!
Why did it do so well? Clearly there are several reasons a home would sell for so much over asking, but there is no doubt in the buyers mind about the far-reaching value their money purchased. One example of meaningful and measurable value is that peace of mind, knowing that for more than 30 years this home is going to look as beautiful on the outside as it does right here, and perform equally as well. Future expenditure on maintenance will be at a minimum.

By the time the toddlers moving in turn 18 the paint may have been refreshed, and when they turn 32 and have 12 year old kids of their own, the boards may be inspected for a few possible repairs. 

Enjoy these photos by Paul Keitz Photography:

Artisan siding, mitered corners and deep shadow lines


clean look of Artisan Board and baton


Outdoor deck and living


Wanna See the inside?

Staging by Karen Brorsen Staging

(Click photo below to see more of this home in our Gallerie)

contemporary family room and kitchen


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