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Investment Friendly Home Exteriors

Posted by Petalyn Swartalbert

Mar 29, 2012


Artisan, the Gentrified Home exteriorA sustainable investment.

If a homeowner has been thinking of replacing the siding on their home, one might considerArtisan®, the gentrified cement-fiber siding from James Hardie. The built-in resilience and superior aesthetics, coupled with one's personal choice of paint color is a sure-win solution for a growing number of homeowners looking for greater certainty. Though Hardie has other choices available, Artisan (in spite of being a bit more expensive) is the darling of homeowners who love tradition and who also care about the value of a dollar earned.

What makes Artisan look so stately?

The 5/8” thickness adds that heirloom quality by creating deeper shadow-lines from any angle. Adding to its distinctive look of both tradition and quality is a tongue and groove feature that stabilizes end joints in a precise fit while a hidden bevel ensures that the lap boards will lay flat against the under wall
Backed by almost 15 years of research for the Artisan line alone, this product consistantly delivers what it promises, a posh and uncompromised look with high ROI in:

  1. superior curb appeal,
  2. very low maintenance expenditure, 
  3. not to mention resale value.

The Factory Nail line enhances precision, decreases waste, and saves time by allowing fastener placement. The patented DuraTech technology provides loftier structural integrity with the highest standards in exterior protection.

What about Painting My Artisan?

Traditional graceLike Hardie's other popular product ColorPlus, Artisan now come with Hadie's optional baked on color technology. One can still purchase Artisan with just a base coat if a homeowner's designer is specifying custom colors for this new exterior. To facilitate proper application, Artisan comes with a protective coating for better adherence to the surface. 
By the way, 100% acrylic top coats are suggested when dry within 180 days of installation for superior siding performance. If your Artisan is sprayed, then a back-rolled finish coat is suggested within that 180 days.

So, what's the down side?

Use a qualified installerLike parents who have been around the block, we feel so proud of folks who decide to install a Hardie product because we know they will be increasingly thrilled with each passing year. The downside comes in when corners are cut for installation. This is no time to undermine the warranty of your uber Hardie product. James Hardie fiber cement should always be installed observing suggested best practices to ensure the best performance and longest life for this beautiful exterior.   

IF it is not properly installed then the warranty can be placed in serious jeopardy. If you do not intend to use an installer in your area that comes recommended by James Hardie, then be sure to help protect yourself by asking candidates what precautions they plan to take when installing your Hardie exterior. If they indicate there are no extra precautions necessary, or that installing over an existing surface is acceptable (as in over brick or other exterior surface), then it would be smart to keep looking for an installer who specializes in Hardie installations to the extent that they are very familiar with the precautions necessary for cement fiber.

Considered a green product, simple regular maintenance will go a long way. Completely resistant to fire and termites, Artisan can offer you and your family peace for mind for a minimum of 3 decades once properly installed.

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Steven and Petalyn Albert

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