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How to Protect your Yard During an Exterior Remodel

Posted by Rachel Karl

Feb 24, 2015


While an exterior remodel isn’t actually within your home (phew!) it can be a little tough on the yard. We have been doing siding for many years and have a lot of experience in protecting a client’s yard while the work is in progress. Here are a few things we have learned over the years:Communicate with your siding company

When in doubt, communicate. Always let the company you are working with know in advance if something specific needs to be protected. Communication is the key here, as we don’t know if that bare patch of earth is just an unplanted bed or is filled with newly planted tulip bulbs.

Designate a staging area. Some homes have very little outdoor space, so it can be difficult to work without the possibility of trampling some grass. However, a minimum of grass can be squashed if we know we can use your garage space or driveway to stage any equipment we need on hand.

Try to move any potted plants and yard decorations out of the yard. You may need to temporarily relocate the gnome village hiding in your lawn or move some of the pots you have against your home during the construction. This way no one trips over any unseen obstruction.

Cover plants with light-weight plastic sheeting or tarps. Although we do our best to contain it, construction often comes with some dust. You can keep this out of your home by closing windows while your siding project is in progress, however it might be harder to keep the dust off of your delicate plants. Be sure to cover anything that can’t stand up to a good rinse with a hose.Yard

If you have particularly delicate or worrisome plants, you may want to ask professional advice. An arborist or even a specialist at your garden store may have some excellent ideas for protecting that great California Oak in your yard or your patch of violets.

In the end, communication is key in any construction situation. Not only is it important for you to communicate any questions or concerns about the project, but you have to communicate any and all needs as far in advance as possible. One of the best ways we have discovered to make sure your communication is understood and acted upon is to keep as much of it in writing as possible. That way, we can go back and refer to your needs and you can double check your sent emails or your contract to be sure you said everything necessary.

We want you to have the best siding experience possible. Contact us today and let us know what we can do to make your home even more beautiful.


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