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How to Prepare Your Home for Thanksgiving Visitors

Posted by Audrey Lichten

Nov 17, 2015



Are you expecting friends and family over for the big feast this year? Can you answer these questions with a resounding "yes"? Make sure to prepare your home for Thanksgiving visitors with these simple tips:


Is your driveway clear?

Create space for your guests to park in your driveway or along the roadside. Put away the gardening tools and kids toys to de-clutter the front yard. Rake up excess leaves that have made their home on your driveway or along the curbside where people will park. Be sure to check out our tips for raking leaves!


Is your pathway lit?

The days are getting short now and there’s a good chance your visitors will be arriving or leaving in the dark. Can they see the way to their car? Or do they have to navigate the pathway blind? If you need more lighting around your pathway, shop around for small solar lights to line your walkway.


Are your lights working?

It’s one thing to have lights around your home, but are they actually working the way you think they do? Do a light check around your home’s exterior to make sure all your porch and driveway lights are fully functioning. Remember to give yourself time to replace bulbs if any of these lights are out, so do an inspection at least a week before the big day.


Is your entryway uncluttered?

Once your guests finally reach your front door, make sure there is room for them to comfortably make their way inside. Rid your porch of kids’ toys or bikes, leftover Halloween decorations and other random items. An entryway should be welcoming with a simple bench, potted plants or door wreath. Now is not the time to go overboard with exterior entryway decor. The interior entryway should also be clear for people to take off their shoes and hang their coats.


Do you have a few festive decorations?

Fall decorations are always warm and inviting. Having a little Thanksgiving-themed decor will create the welcoming atmosphere you want. Place a fall wreath on your door or put scented candles in the windows. But remember to keep them simple to avoid cluttering your home.


If you feel like your home needs more than a few DIY tips, consider an exterior siding update to really give your home strong curb appeal. Feel free to contact Peninsula Siding Company for a quote.


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