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How to Prep Your Home Exterior for Sale

Posted by Audrey Lichten

Jan 19, 2016



Maybe this is the year you’re finally selling your house. But are you not sure how to make it presentable to buyers? You’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of the best tips to prep your home exterior for sale.

The first impression is the only impression. So yes, the exterior and landscaping of your home is highly important in selling your house. Bay Area Real Estate agents will tell you that many home buyers will make a judgement call on a home by the first impression. Give your potential home buyers a reason to come inside with these home maintenance tips:

    • Landscaping - Keep your yard presentable with a mowed and watered lawn. Clear out dead shrubs, trim back hedges and plant fresh flowers.
    • Hardscaping - Improve your yard’s hardscaping by adding extra bark or mulch to planted areas and filling in gravel or pebbles where they’re scarce.
    • Sidewalk & Driveway - Clear out clutter, tools and toys from your driveway and pathways. Power wash the surfaces to get old mud and leaf stains off.
    • Exterior Siding - Check your siding for chipping paint or damaged areas. Hire a professional like Peninsula Siding Company to repair or replace your siding if damage is found. Power wash your home exterior to clean off the dirt and grime collected throughout the years.
    • Windows & Screens - Clean all your windows, inside and out! Replace any screens that are damaged.
    • Gutters - Rid your gutters of the leaves and build-up from the winter.
    • Entryway - Create a welcoming entryway with a new doormat and well-lit porch.
    • House Numbers - Make sure your house numbers are visible and presentable.
    • Animals - Send your cats, dogs, birds and snakes to a friend’s house when you’re showing your house. Not everyone loves animals and they can leave a negative impression on a potential home buyer, especially if your dog or cat has recently left a present on your lawn or front porch.

It’s important to make the buyers feel welcomed and safe when visiting your home. What your home looks like on the outside is a huge factor in creating that welcoming atmosphere. Make your home be the one that everyone can envision themselves in. If you’re having trouble doing that because your exterior siding is killing your curb appeal, contact Peninsula Siding Company for a quote and we’ll spruce up your home in no time!


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