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How to Make the Right Siding Choice for your Home

Posted by Rachel Karl

Dec 9, 2014


Adding or replacing siding can change the entire look of your home. The right siding can12 Blog 2 Pic 1 resized 600 increase curb appeal, brighten the look of your house, and make your home feel welcoming. The overall look of your home rests on choosing the right siding style, color, and company for the job. Here is our “How to” on each of these aspects:


There are several different siding materials available. Here are the most important aspects to consider when you are choosing the type of material for your siding project:

Durability. Different siding types have varying abilities to handle rain, hail, wind, and debris. This is an important aspect to establish right off the bat. You don’t want your siding to become damaged or scratched as soon as it is installed.

Energy efficiency. Some siding types have different thicknesses and require specific types of insulation to prevent heat-loss. It’s important to understand that siding, once installed, will become an integral part of your home’s envelope. You want siding that will allow your home to breath sufficiency, without great heat-loss.

Overall aesthetics. Clearly, you want a siding style and color which will work with the overall look you are going for. This may mean you need brick siding, wood, stucco, or fiber cement.

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Water resistance. Siding with greater water resistance tends to have a longer lifespan than other types of siding.

You can always find the right siding for your home - the process may just require a professional eye. So, don’t be afraid to ask for some help during the material’s choice process!


You have an overall look and style you are going for when it comes to your home. After type of siding, color is the next important choice to make. You have all the colors of the rainbow to choose from, so this process can feel a little daunting. Here are questions to ask yourself while you’re trying to pick the perfect siding hue:

What overall look are you going for?

You want your home to have a cohesive and beautiful look. So, your first step in choosing siding material and color is to think about what look you are going for. Are you eclectic, classic, or modern?

Picking the color and style of siding is much like picking clothes for yourself. Are you attempting to choose an outfit that says “check out this outfit” or do you want something that says “look at my amazing natural features?” This is the same thought process which will often go into choosing siding color. Do you want the color to be the first thing people notice, or the architectural style of your home?

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What is your neighborhood like?

We have all sorts of neighborhoods here in the Bay Area. There are eclectic spaces and places which are extremely conservative. What type of neighborhood do you live in? Can you create a look which is aesthetically pleasing and flows with the whole block?

How is your landscaping set up?

A simple landscape may be nicely accented by fun home colors. However, if your yard is a chaos of colors, you may want a more subdued siding look. Play with different color combinations until you find something that is perfect for you.

Here are three additional tips when it comes to the color and type of siding:

Tip 1. Don’t go with something just because it’s trendy. What looks good on Pinterest may look terrible on your home.

Tip 2. Check how the colors look during different times of day. A shade of green may look amazing at dawn - but it could look stark and sickly at noon.

Tip 3. Take a look at colors in the sunshine - outdoors.

The Right Company for the Job:

There are a few steps to take when looking for the best siding company for your needs. They are:12 Blog 2 Pic 3 resized 600

  1. Get a company who specializes in siding. They will know the ins and outs of siding installation, so you will get the job done right the first time.
  2. Check reviews online, on the company website, and ask for referrals from the company. Not all online review companies are reliable, but actual customers will be able to give you an idea of what to expect from the company.
  3. Get a quote for the work needed and find out what options the company provides. The more willing the siding company is to work with you and within your needs, the better a match they will be for you.


Remember the cheapest company does not often equal the best company. You should have options when it comes to materials, work dates, and more.

You can get a free estimate from Peninsula Siding Company right here. We’d love to hear about your vision!

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