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How to Make a Modest Home Look Larger With New Siding

Posted by Rachel Karl

Nov 18, 2014


When most people think of ideas to make their small home look more spacious, they think of indoor solutions. They think of innovative floor plans, and deceiving but smart furniture that can store just about anything. The outside of small homes, however, often get neglected and don’t quite showcase their owner’s space-saving smarts. Here are some siding ideas that can make your small home appear considerably larger that we found on the Better Homes and Gardens website.

Consider playing up your home’s existing features. Instead of using mixed materials, which is what you do to add dimension to a broad wall, unify the materials and match the paint or stain colors. When a home’s exterior is mostly wood on the outside, why not make the garage door wooden too? Changing out the white garage door for a wooden carriage house styled garage door, stained to match the shingle siding, minimised the interruption in home’s front expanse, making it appear broader. Deepen the home by adding a welcoming front porch or portico, creating a substantial and more impactful front entry as this homeowner did, allowing the front steps take center stage with porch columns, leading to a red door flanked by sidelights.

Before and after:

Nov Blog 3- Pic 2.jpgNov Blog 3- Pic 1.jpg

Try keeping it simple. If your home has many different textures on the outside, pick a key theme and stick to it. Then add some landscaping to match the theme. For example, with the home below the owners choose a light. stone colored stucco siding and used it for the whole house. To stick with the provincial French country cottage theme, they added French doors and coordinated the landscape to fit.

Before and after:

Nov Blog 3- Pic 3.jpgNov Blog 3- Pic 4.jpg

Brighten up.  Dark colors can often make a space look smaller on the inside. The same is true for the outside of a house. Try using lighter colored siding for your home's exterior. In the house below, they not only used lighter siding, but also removed the deep covered porch and awnings that shrunk the windows, to open up the house. New steps were centered on the entryway, which has been emphasized by a tasteful balcony. A lean-to on the left has been elevated to accommodate double-hung windows and a substantial balcony to continue that line on the broad side of house, giving the home a bright, open face.

Before and after:

Nov Blog 3- Pic 5.jpgNov Blog 3- Pic 6.jpg

If you’ve been inspired by the design tips above and want to give your modest home a grander appearance, we at Peninsula Siding Company along with our partner company S.E.A. Construction can help you bring your grand scale yearnings to life. Contact us today and we’ll discuss your project.

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