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How To Know When Your Home’s Exterior Needs A Remodel

Posted by Rachel Karl

Oct 14, 2014


Your home’s siding is its defense against weather and other damage. You want to keep that protective exterior in top condition, to prevent damage to your home’s structure. But how do you know when your home’s exterior needs a remodel? There are some obvious symptoms for when your siding fails.

    1. Is your siding showing signs of fungus or rot? A combination of factors –warmth, moisture, darkness –help the fungi thrive, multiply, and cause dry rot. Dry rot is a condition of wood in which a fungus breaks down the wood fibers and renders the wood weak and brittle. Excess moisture is the root cause of dry rot. Poorly painted or improperly sealed wood siding is more vulnerable to dry rot. Unchecked, this seriously threatens the integrity of your siding and structural support of your home.
    2. Is your siding obviously separating at the seams?

    3. Is your caulking failing? Have you noticed leaks?

    4. Are your panels swelling? Typically, this means the material has been exposed to moisture and has begun deteriorating.

    5. Have you detected that boards are no longer laying flat against your house? Bowing or buckling is an indication of instability caused generally by improper installation spacing. If the installer does not leave sufficient room for expansion at the butt joints, then the siding will generally buckle.

    6. Have you noticed much moisture on the inside of your house? Excess moisture inside the home often originates outside the structure.

    7. Is your paint failing?

It’s important to pay attention to these signs so you know when your home’s exterior needs a remodel. If it has seen better days, it may be time to seek a professional about new siding to protect your home. They can provide an aesthetic facade that complements the architectural styling of your neighborhood, while staying true to the details of your home’s original architecture.

Enter Fiber-Cement Siding by James Hardie. Fiber Board siding offers the longest lasting protection and beauty in siding materials today. It is the easiest to maintain and has the most style choices in textures, finishes, and decorative trim of any composite siding product. 

Engineered for Climate®

  • Developed with the local climate in mind

  • Protection from scorching sun and frigid temperatures

  • Stands up to storms, hail, wind & extreme temperatures

Fiber Cement Siding

  • Made of natural and sustainable raw materials

  • James Hardie is the global leader in fiber cement innovation

  • 30-year non-prorated, limited warranty

Quality & Durability

  • Fire resistant

  • With ColorPlus Technology, get vibrant color & long-lasting exterior beauty

  • Resists mold, swelling and cracking from water

Fiber-cement siding is a popular choice for replacement siding. Although its initial price is higher than many other types of siding (it’s heavy and labor-intensive to install), the durability and stability of fiber-cement means less maintenance in the long run. It takes paint well, so you can have your choice of exterior paint colors. It’s also fireproof and rot-resistant.

James Hardie is the world leader in Fiber Cement Siding Products. James Hardie products come with a 30 year warranty, and that is why we at Peninsula Siding Company trust their siding materials. Besides product warranties, we stand by you and your home for as long as you need us. That's our way.

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