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How to Hang Your Christmas Lights with Ease

Posted by Audrey Lichten

Nov 24, 2015



Thanksgiving is so close, which also means that Christmas light season is very near. We know that the day after Thanksgiving some of you will be up on your ladder hanging Christmas lights. Decorating your house with lights is a great way to add extra curb appeal during the holiday season - not to mention the practicality of having some extra light around the exterior of your house during the longer winter nights. Whether you’ve done this for many years or are a newbie to the process, these tips may save you a little trouble along the way. This year, hang your Christmas lights with ease.

    • Make a game plan. Decide where you want your lights to hang - along the trim, railings, bushes?
    • Measure all the straight lines that you want to adorn with lights. You’ll need to have an accurate estimate of how many sets of lights you’ll need.
      • Tip: Remember to measure the distance to the power source too!
    • Test all your lights while you’re still on the ground to ensure they’re working properly.
    • Decide how many strands of lights you’ll need to connect together. Check the safety warnings for the lights you have to plan the logistics of connecting your lights together.
      • Tip: Some LED lights can connect up to 25 strands where incandescents can only connect from 3 to 6 strands.
    • Start from the ground up. Make sure your lights reach the outlet and work your way up the house.
      • Tip: Use white strands around your home’s exterior trim and place green strands on bushes to blend in better.
    • Step back as you go to make sure the lights are straight and look exactly the way you want.
      • Tip: Pay attention to the type of lights you’re placing next to each other. LED lights have a bluish tint and incandescents have a warmer yellow hue. When placed next to each other they clash.
    • Use light clips (found at Lowes or any other hardware store) to secure lights along the gutter.
      • Tip: Overlap two strands together for a brighter display along the outer trim.

Be safe out there and happy hanging! If you realize that while you’re up-close and personal with your home’s exterior siding, it could use a siding update, feel free to contact Peninsula Siding Company and we’ll help you out.

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