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How to Clean and Maintain your Siding

Posted by Rachel Karl

Mar 17, 2015


Siding maintenance resized 600There are a number of siding types, all of which require different cleaning and maintenance actions. With spring coming up in just a few days, we thought we’d provide some maintenance tips for your siding, so you can get your spring cleaning started out right.

Fiber Cement Siding

There are different types of fiber cement siding, based on brand and where in the U.S. they will be installed. These tips are from James Hardie and are for HZ10 siding. This is the type of siding installed here in Northern California, Southern California and throughout the Southern states.

  • Wash the exterior surfaces of your home every 6-12 months with a garden hose or low pressure washer. This should be done from the top down as you don’t want to constantly wash dirt down onto what you have already cleaned and you do not want to spray water behind the siding.

  • For stubborn dirt, scrub with a mild detergent like dishwashing soap and soft cloth or paint brush.

  • If paint has been applied to the siding, be sure to keep your paint manufacturer information on hand, so you can refer to their cleaning policies.

These are the simple and easy washing procedures for James Hardie fiber cement.Spraying water and cleaning

Vinyl Siding

Depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations, vinyl siding is relatively easy to clean.

  • Wash siding down with a garden hose, or - if the manufacturer allows - a pressure washer. Again, try to keep the water level with your face or pointing down. This helps prevent water getting behind the siding and into your home’s envelope.

  • Use a soft cloth or soft bristle brush along with a mild cleaning solution to remove stains. Rinse the cleaning solution completely off after you scrub the dirt or stain.

  • Be careful of using very hot water on vinyl siding. The material can melt.

Wood Siding

Often wood siding is treated or painted, so be sure to look at any manufacturer's information that is applicable to your wood siding.

  • Wood siding that is not sealed or painted can be cleaned with a pressure washer on a very low setting. Otherwise it is best to use a mild detergent with a stiff bristle brush. Gently scrub down the siding and then rinse with a hose.

  • There is advice out there to mix bleach and water and pressure wash your wood siding. This is good advice if you plan to strip the wood of your home of paint so you can re-paint. If just want to do a good, thorough cleaning, read the manufacturer’s recommendations for the paint or sealant used on your wood siding.

Stone or Brick Siding

There are all types of cleaners with specific instructions which can be used on brick or stone. However, if you have synthetic stone siding, you should not use these cleaners. Synthetic siding can be cleaned with water, vinegar/dish soap, and a soft bristle brush.

There are a ton of different siding types. All are pretty simple to clean. Let us know if the advice above helped you with your spring cleaning this year!

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