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How to care for your James Hardie siding

Feb 12, 2018



No matter where you live, mother nature can take a toll on your siding. Whether you're battling sleet, hurricanes or a heatwave, James Hardie siding is meant to last and flaunts nothing but durability. Our siding provides superior, state-of-the-art protection against the elements, season after season. Follow Peninsula Siding Company’s care and maintenance advice to achieve the best results.


If you have noticed a few dents, chips crack or other minor surface damage on your siding, James Hardie offers a variety of ColorPlus paint and patching compound. ColorPlus products revitalize the way your siding looks by washing down dirt and debris. This touch up compound is able to cover the look of nail holes after installation but should not be used in situations where the dent is larger than a dime. ColorPlus comes in a pen applicator to make it easy to use.


Cleaning, maintenance and water management all go hand-in-hand when caring for your siding. If you do not currently have gutters installed on your home we highly recommended them, even if you don’t see frequent rainstorms in your area. Cleaning the outside of your home is a key component in sustaining the beauty and endurance of siding. While Hardie planks are durable, we recommend washing them down once or twice a year with a hose or low pressure washer to remove dirt buildup. Throughout the year, keep an eye out for overflowing gutters or plants that may be scratching up against the side of your home.


When storing or handling James Hardie siding it is important that the siding is not excessively bending or dragging as this will cause cracks in the finished paint. If one of our teams is not installing your siding, work closely with the team to ensure that they know how to safely transport the panels. Keep the siding dry before installing and we recommend at least two people help with transferring panels.

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