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How Long Does Siding Last?

Posted by Kayla Lisac

Apr 8, 2015


Before making a commitment to adding new siding to a house, customers have many questions. The one that we are asked most frequently, and we agree is the most important, is: How long does fiber cement siding last?

How long does siding last?

Peninsula Siding Company is proud to use James Hardie materials. James Hardie is one of the most well known names in the siding industry, and all of the James Hardie materials come with a 30 Year Warranty! We choose to align our business and products with the best of the best, and James Hardie fiber cement siding fulfills those requirements.

Fiber cement siding is completely resistant to anything that Mother Nature throws at it. The siding is made with no materials that will attract insects or other animals. It is sealed to ensure that it lasts through any type of weather, and it is resistant to UV Rays to keep the color quality at its highest.

The siding is finished with baked on paint to ensure a long lasting and high quality color appearance. Rather than worrying about chipped paint or other environmental influences taking its toll on your home’s appearance, the color quality of the fiber cement siding is guaranteed long lasting. Average conventional wood siding requires repainting and touch ups every three to five years, while fiber cement siding on average lasts 15-25 years without requiring any maintenance.


How long does siding last?


When maintenance is required, it is minimal. The siding can be cleaned with a yard hose or a pressure washer to remove dirt and grime that has been built up over time. If repainting is desired, the time it takes to complete the process is drastically shorter than conventional wood due to the careful preparation undergone when the siding is initially prepared for application.

 Fiber cement siding is a quality that saves time, money, and worry over the years. Investing in fiber cement siding ensures a warranty of 30 years and creates a beautiful appearance with little to no upkeep.

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